#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


TBH theres some flaws to his game, which could see him being a slider. (like 2 picks)

I saw a mock draft today that had us going paddy dow.


Lav should be given at least another week to have a decent go at showing what he’s got.The way the team as a whole played you would have been hard pressed to look the best.

While I think Greene has played well my pet peeve this year has been the amount of times he has been caught out trying to take contested marks against much bigger opponents.Have not been sure if this is Greene,s fault or the fault of the player kicking the ball to him. At least he has been a proven goal scorer which keeps his opponents on their toes.

For Lav to retain his place in the team he needs to be a scoring threat as well as a defensively minded beast. At least he makes more sense as a marking target.


Are you serious ?
Green isn’t ready, and if they were going to promote Jerrett, last week would have been perfect.

No way they drop Lav after 1 game.


Think he means next week he will when green is ready - if laverde doesn’t play well this weekend.


He has been disappointing so far. He has so much more in him so hopefully he can get some confidence going.


From the match review, my thoughts:

Don’t get the criticism of Lav. I think he was below average no doubt but he clearly has the tools and shows signs. He’s had months out. If you rate him enough to bring him in you don’t punt him when he doesn’t go HAM after 2 games… he’s the least of our worries. Needs development in the seniors, no point him going to the 2s and dominating. When guys like Jobe are Jobeing and Colyer is offering nothing after 70 games and a whole season this year there is no reason to drop Lav IMO.


Don’t drop. Attacked some contests like an absolute bull and got some good releasing handpass off. Reckon he’s getting back into the swing of things. Keep him in. Myers was worse.


I think he was given the role of keeping Easton Wood away from the ball… not 100% sure.


Must persist with him. Important part of our future. Would prefer to see he and McGrath on the wings over BJ and Trav.


Not dropping him will just continue this pathetic “give him time” attitude, he’s had time out blah blah. That’s all well and good to do with best 22 blokes coming back from injury, ie Hurley, Merrett, fantasia, but not a guy who’s borderline best 22.

Fact is he’s done not a thing in 8 quarters. I think his highlight would be a couple of good bumps and tackle. Is not even getting shots at goal. He didn’t even have one today. If your not playing well when your fully fit, fk off to the vfl and earn your spot back through good form


Well if true, wood was hardly sighted so good job on that front.


He kicked like 9 goals in 2 games to get in. You don’t just turn around and march them off after that. The fact is he’s just too good to be rotting in the VFL. Especially when Colyer/Myers/Jobe et al. are far more pressing “drop” candidates.


Yes he did. Didn’t kick it, but he had a shot in the first.


If LAV gets dropped for Langford blitz won’t know how to feel.

Kinda like how Langford doesn’t.


Too slow and unaccountable for afl, not the most intelligent player, wog today and his opponents torched us on the rebound, Green or Bird, no more slow tall prototype bont players who play with not even half the intensity of bont.


hands up all those who didn’t see this coming ?

I’m not ■■■■■■ with Lav cos he shouldn’t have been playing in the first place.
he was 3 weeks back after missing 15 odd weeks of footy, kicked 6 against a sub par VFL ■■■■■■■ team, and everyone pretty much creamed themselves.

2 weeks later has proven why some of us knew he shouldn’t have been picked, cos he wasn’t ■■■■■■■ ready.
He hasn’t kicked a goal in 2 weeks, and 2 weeks we’ve had teams just stroll it outta the forwardline with ease, not solely cos of him, but he was a weak link in the chain in this area.

now he’ll most likley be dropped with lil to no confidence for the rest of the year.


Yeah and he deserved his shot. But he’s stunk it up 2 weeks in a row and has deadset done nothing at all. Back to the vfl


For those at the game does he run hard? He just seems to be behind the play all game. This and last week.


Jayden’s shoe colour was about the only thing stood out today. I have high hopes for the kid but he doesn’t run or tackle anywhere near hard enough. His decision making was also really poor. For his size and what looks to be strength, he should be better than that.


He will be a player one day…just not now. His inability to do anything at all probably cost us the game. Harsh but true