#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


I have not met a Hawks or Swans supporters that says winning finals and playing in them is boring.


I just want the club to make consistently good football decisions so we can become a respected team again.


Just my opinion.
Some of the stuff written about players,particularly in the Match Day Thread, is despicable.
I don’t care how much they f*cked up a piece of play, or even a whole match.
We need to be better !


You should see me at my house


I feel it too, I’m starving for a finals win and it sucks that it probably won’t be this year. But it’s one thing to bemoan a bad team performance, it’s a whole other thing to thread hop and unfairly insult players who are giving their all, illogically so when anyone with their wits about them can understand development takes time and a lot of these guys haven’t been with the team long and have barely played together. Surely no one truly believes we’re not on the way up? So strap in and hope the ride gets us there this time.

I’m bitter about 15+ years of no success so I’m gonna tell Green to fark off out of the team and never come back? And then do a 180 a week later and tell Lav to take a flying one cos he didn’t play the all-time great game upon his return? Nah, people have to be more clued in and measured than that. Some of the negative banter and tantrums on here can be fun, but I’m against the rising tide of petulance and insult.


Apologies, back to the thread topic.


Also worth noting the change in not having user blocking any more. There are a lot of arguments that weren’t happening previously because people basically couldn’t see each other.


That is pretty much it in a nutshell.
maybe if he had a full preseason fitness without injury it would be different.

3 games back and playing a stay at home forward, they pick him to play in a mostly defensive role with hopefully a bit of attacking flair here and there and kick and or set up a couple of goals.

Begley fitted the role more. it’s twice this year now green has missed games and they’ve ■■■■■■ up his replacement, and just put spare parts players in his role.

stewart or even hookers role is where i see he should be aiming for, not a small forwards role.




I’d say its more a reflection on the people that blocked others though. They don’t seem to have the self control to not ‘rise to the bait’


overrated just like langford unfortunately

trade at year end


What kind of person takes delight in continuously baiting fellow team supporters?


Well the people that gloated about blocking people would also call those people trolls so it stands to reason that they’re getting baited. Mostly by choice though





If that’s the word I think it is, then I agree.


At the game, I thought Laverde was totally useless. However, I just watched the replay and I can’t believe how much he did that I hadn’t noticed. Sure, he missed his one and only shot at goal (not Robinson Crusoe there), but he was involved several times in the link up to a goal or a shot at goal.
Actually, not a bad effort for his second game of the year. I would persist.


Just on this bit, when we were winning a flag every 7 odd years, with a genuine finals run mixed in between, it was definitely not boring.

It’s not like the recent Hawthorn/Geelong eras where their club supporters supposedly switched off because of how good they were.

Not saying you have to win the whole damn thing all the time, but making a good repeat finals tilt even semi regularly probably enhances the emotion and belief. Say maybe once a decade.

It’s no coincidence that many long suffering clubs have low supporter bases and had extended periods at the very bottom, St Kilda a prime example.

I may have the rose coloured glasses on but I don’t think our supporter base would take success for granted or drop off that badly. More recent history does back it up though ie 2000 era don’t think we became bored and saga period we didn’t jump ship in the droves expected.


Can someone please quote him so I can see what he is saying?


Any suggestion to move on Laverde or Langford or other young player who has broken into the senior team is madness given the demographic of our list. We have enough older and “nearing the end” players to move on this year.

I always find it amusing when a player suddenly emerges into an influential AFL player after 3-5 years of development. Seb Ross is an example. Two years ago we would have called him a bust as a draftee. Now we’d all love to have him in our midfield.

I see Lav and Langers and Francis as being in this category.


How was it for the teams languishing at the bottom of the ladder? The ones being called ‘irrelevant’?

It all depends on how broadly you think.

EDIT… Then I read the rest of your post. I’m on a phone.