#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Frosty, you make some good and valid points. I just have some reservations on the standard of the VFL and its ability to get players ready for the AFL.


Nothing much has changed ever since I watched my first game centuries ago. Guys who star in the reserves often find it much tougher where the tackling is harder and the pressure is greater, and you generally have a much higher quality player to beat.

Years ago, young players could be in the Under 19’s for a few weeks, and play one average game in the reserves, get called into the firsts and never look back.

Playing games at all levels get you match fit and hardened, training and practice hones your skills, listening to the Coaches gets you into the game plan; but nothing beats ability and determination.


I’ve actually really enjoyed the highs and lows of this year. Been a lot of fun and frustration, but overall in the right direction given all of the [email protected] of the last 4 years. Don’t get me wrong, I want to play finals. But if we get over the Crows and grind carlscum into the dirt like we should I’ll be happy to risw the high. If we lose I’ll bw happy to lament Sydney, Bris and Carlton.

Better than being emotionally botoxed.


Walla, Fantasia, McKenna and Stewart have all come from the VFL to play important roles.

It’s valuable for teaching the players structures.

Using Langford as an example. He and the club identified that he has talent to play in midfield but acknowledge that its not possible to do at senior level. He plays midfield at VFL year this year and has shown that he has genuine talent to play as a midfielder.

The challenge for him now will be to have a big preseason with the knowledge that he will be a senior level midfielder next season if say Jobe retires and from there he needs to make the step up.

My prediction is that he will probably do quite well in the preseason games because the pressure is less and then when we hit the real deal the change in pace and pressure will catch up with him. After the initial adjustment it’s from there we will know what sort of a player we will have. I’m expecting by the end of next season he will have had a breakout year.

Laverde is effectively a year behind Langers in development and next year I think he is probably going to show some real talent as a forward but in a similar vein to Langers start working on his midfield game. Jayden is 6 months older but yet a year behind in development unfortunately so he’s going to require patience.


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Jayden is 6 months older but yet a year behind in development unfortunately so he’s going to require patience.

Unfortunately for many Blitzers their only understanding of patience is that card game their grandma tried to teach them.



If all our players were the best in the AFL we would win all the flags this year😄

We are building but patience is required.


I think Jayden deserved to be dropped. I do like him as a prospect but he played as a deep marking forward when coming back through the twos and he just isn’t going to play in the position in the ones. He needs to get midfield minutes and the VFL is the place he is going to get them.


Lav to go back and get the required VFL games quota to qualify for finals, and play a big part in the VFL finals series.


Is there any chance you could provide some examples? Not having a go, just genuinely interested in what you’re referring too. Blitz has been emotional in match threads since inception from 2002 so I’m not sure why suddenly people are getting sensitive. Ask any long time Blitz regular and they’ll tell you the match thread is just a microcosm of the emotions people go through in a match, ie. initial anger, joy etc. I still remember the pure hatred Hennemen copped for when he went into the ruck in the last quarter against Carlton and they beat us from 5 goals down and Whitnall had a day out. Blitz went crazy, it happens. To call out match threads is insanity, it’s like analysing peoples initial reactions live at the game a week later and asking them why they said “oh f*cking hell Joe!”. Fans love the team and it’s completely natural in every sport in the world for fans to get overly emotional.

If the despicable is referring to criticism of players than I think you’re pushing sht uphill if you think that’s unfair, forums/media/jouranlists the world over anaylse and criticise players’ performance and it comes with the gig and otherwise shut the forum down if people can’t give honest opinions of players and performance. On the otherhand, name-calling and hoping players de should obviously be ban worthy.


Needs to play all three of them.

Or (take a deep breath) he plays two of the remaining three, we make AFL finals and he plays the third in the first VFL final — note that he could only play that first final if he did not play versus Freo.


wow It’s almost like that 6 goal game against a sub par vfl side was misleading and fooled most people … hmmmm

But hey the coaches know best right.


Wow, it’s almost like you support another club…hmmmmmm

But hey, you know best, right?


These are up there with the shittest posts on the forum.


No, these are up there with the shittest posts on the forum.

I think you have it well covered.


Put him in the midfield for the second half.

Need his grunt and pace.

Can;t read the flight of the ball at the moment… useless up forward.


Are you at any stage gonna say who you’d bring in instead?


It doesn’t matter.


I’ve thought tonight is the most he has shown at senior level this year. Still not right but did some good things, let down by disposal.


He was pretty good last year showing a lot of good signs. He’s come in after 4 months out and done OK. He’s still a kid so I’m giving him leeway, and I definitely prefer playing him over Howlett/Myers/Colyer even at half fitness.


Played very well in the last 2 qrts.