#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Basil Z said during TV commentary that tonite Laverde had been good and that he had returned from a long time out.

Basil on the money as usual!


Garbage first half, okay second half. Needs to be hitting the scoreboard but


still finding his feet. at least he got a bit more of it tonight.
hope he has lateral movement. we already have too many straight-ahead trucks who can be side stepped easily


Needs to play 2s as mid


He looked a bit rusty at times, and lacking confidence.
But, did a few good things.
Needs to play the rest of the year. Yry to give him a bit of confidence heading into preseason. Whether we make finals or not, the next 2 weeks should be all about setting up for next year.


Was a lot better tonight deserves another run next week.


I said begley at the time, but bring in anyone you know who hasn’t missed 3/4 of the season, and was only 3 games back from said lay off.

I got nothing against LAV, it’s not his fault. But hey again the coaches know best, cos they are the best most awesome coaches ever and they never ever ever get anything wrong.


I agree that he was brought in too early, but he started showing promising signs in the 2nd half. I’d be keeping him in now and hoping he can build on that 2nd half, a couple others I would drop before him after tonight anyway




Reminds me of McPhee in so many ways.

Decision making is one of them.


Lav can play but you can chalk this up as another year lost to injury for him.

2018 going to be hugely important.


He’s Langford WITH intensity.

He’ll be better for that run, there were a few scania moments though.


Really?I can honestly say I can’t remember a single thing he did in the 8 or so games he got at the back end of the year


You reckon Lav over Begley is the selection decision to constantly bang on about?

That’s the one?


I’m pretty sure i did it in the myers thread too, It’s not the biggest or only one, yes it’s just another poor decision in an ever expanding list of them by selection committee.


It was barely a poor decision. Begley likely would have produced pretty similar. Either way, it’s games into a kid who needs it.

I honestly don’t get your issue.


The issue is the same as it always has been.


One minute people are saying we are playing too many old plodders and the next you want to drop a young player for another young player. FFS we should be playing them both! Fridge in for Howlet not Lav. Lav won’t adjust to AFL wallowing in the twos.


I thought he was a bit better last night compared to his previous games. We need to persist.


Begley is 10x the player Lav is.