#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Leave him in now, finals are done better for him to play.


Agree with this, there were a couple of times last night he should of pinned the ears back and went f or goal, he’ll be okay when he gets his swagger bac k.


Only seen Begley a couple times (was good), so have only posts on here to go by.

I know Laverde returned from a bad injury, reckon he should of played more games in the VFL, don’t reckon he was ready for an upgrade, so with that, hoping he goes back to the VFL and someone else gets an opportunity (like Begley).

I don’t want to see Laverde in the seniors again til 2018.




That’s good news.


Criminally overrated.
Still has value
Would trade for a good mid


First of all, this club is allergic to good mids let alone trading for one and second of all, this bloke has had his entire season ruined by injury in a year where the team has been “inconsistent” (that’s being generous) at best.

He will get to the player we all expect him to be, just not this season.


x2. What a fking bizarre comment.


Except for Parish, Heppell and Zerrett, you are correct.


Zerrett was a part time mid in his draft year.

But yes 3 players will make the midfield work


No they won’t but his point was we don’t draft midfielders, yet we do. Even MCG is being groomed for eventual midfield work and you have even claimed that. His point was not correct.

Do we draft enough of them? No we don’t and that has to be addressed.


If you can’t see that he has tools coming out of his eyeballs I can’t help you.

He’s (slowly) building and was OK last night.

I’m full lid off on him. Play him in the fkn guts.


I am not sure he is ready for the guts, he should be playing forward half only until his fitness is up.

BBB should be in the guts though.


Yeah,… not in the middle yet,… but I can see him getting there.

People giving it to LAV! clearly didn’t see him playing before the injury run began. It may take a bit for him to get back there, but he will if he stays fit now.


His best stuff was standing up in contests last night. Give him 40% midfield time


Invest games now. Reap dividends next year. Future of the club.

We’ve been complaining about not blooding youngsters. This is what you get when you play youth.


We all know the midfield requires work so there is no need to constantly have a dig at the club in every single post. Even then you took a swipe at the club.

Just say we have some decent midfielders, listing them, then highlight the ones we need to complete it.

So we have confirmed mids in Heppell, Merret, Parish. We have players who are running through the mid such as Walla, Lav, Langford. Then we have potential mids in MCG, Begley, Clarke and Mutch.

So that’s 10 potential midfielders.

Do we have more and what mid types are we missing?

Add some constructive information in your posts instead of just slagging the club every single time.


my kids keep pointing out how strong he is. just seems that he isn’t up to speed at AFL level - that one in the 1st quarter would have ended up in a goal and looked great on the highlight reel, as would have a few other opportunities which he either coughed up or killed the momentum.
He isn’t a defensive liability either - lays a strong tackle and his defensive pressure will also improve with time as his fitness improves.
To sum it up, I think it will come together - would persist with him, could be a real asset and a nightmare to line up on.


Laverde will be a far better player than Langford.


I can see them both tag teaming from a HFF into the middle in a year or two.

Right from the start I’ve had this feeling they are the modern taller versions of Misiti & Mercuri.