#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


very typical that slow mode of thinking for players coming back from a deep freeze or the VFL. It takes a while to realize there’s that less much time to get rid of the ball, everything’s tighter etc. unless you’re McG who can go from TAC to AFL and it just seems he’s been there forever…


I’d say parish was the most seamless transition to AFL I’ve seen from an essendon player perspective. His 1 game in the vfl this year he dominated more than omeara supposedly did against us.


Spot on. Blokes around here just jump on things way to quick…Conor McKenna should be in Ireland already by half the “experts” around here


Best game of the season by a mile. Provided the lead up forward, good disposal and applied great pressure.

Too bad his kicking for goal was off. Had that awesome run of something like 12 straight, now he just kicks like the rest of the team


His disposal really really hurt us tonight. He’s got to improve with what he does with the ball.


He is getting better every quarter that he plays.

Don’t forget he is coming from a long way back this season considering his injury.

Applied some great tackles tonight and played an important role.


Well all the overhypers will get their wish next week of a forward line of Langford, Lav, Begley.

According to opinions in here those three plus JoeDan, Hooker and Walla should win us the next 2 flags (minimum)


Wow you’re a special type.


Just needs a proper run at it and he will win over all the doubters.


Thought he was much better this week - still made some ■■■■ decisions but he did some really good things in close in our forward half.



Get games into him. I’ve thought for the past few years he was a poor set shot, some of his decision making with the ball was poor but that tackle he laid on the boundary to set up a goal when we couldn’t buy one was the type of ‘creativity’ I like to see from a forwardline when it’s performance was as reliable as a rotten branch. That’s what Walla brings to the team, make something from nothing.


0.5 from four games.

He’s had his chances.


Langford got dropped after his last fwd game including 2 goals


Don’t understand how he or Langford are supposed to work with Joe, Stew and Hooker.


The same way Tom Lynch works with Jenkins, McGovern & Tex.

Hard work up and down the field, link man between mid and fwd.

LAV needs to get on his bike more to get involved in play more often and obviously get his decision making / ball use tightened up.

Took a long time for Lynch to become that player though. Switched clubs. Building his tank etc.


He is improving, just hope he gets a full preseason and a decent run at it next year.


To be fair, McG & McKenna had a few bloopers.
I still have a lot of faith in this guy.




I thought on the whole he was very average, improved in the second half but he has a lot of work to do. Has certainly had some chances.