#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Keep playing him. Should not have been dropped. Slowly improving, needs games. Every match before finals increases chances of becoming a legit wildcard in the finals.

2018 is his real year. But could be a good cameo in 2017 elim.


I rate the kid but I reckon he’s been pretty ordinary. I didn’t think he was much chop last night


I think he’s got potential.
I also think he had more than a few bloopers.


He was ok last night.

Couple of nice tackles, took a great grab at CHF. But dropped a few marks and kicking was bad.

He’ll get better each week.


He is improving with each game which is all we can ask considering his age and how much football he’s missed. Patience is required.


I agree with most of this. Though, needs to put his body in contests and sometimes win his own ball. Then, he’ll be the weapon we all hope he does become.


Wonder if his injury could affect his kicking?


He absolutely should have been dropped he played an aweful game.


He needs to find the scoreboard with raz and green out. How he and begley contribute for the rest of the season will go a long way to how we fair imo.


Lol yeah drop him and bring in Howlett.

Reading Blitz does my head in.

Thought he was good. Starting to get his hand on the ball. Had a few score involvements, which was great to see. His kicking efficiency can be up and down, I will be happy to take that now. If he is doing it after he has played 60 games then you can question him. I know how long Jobe took to get that fixed. I love the intensity he plays with.

Really hope Langford gets in next week. These guys are our future. What a waste of a year this has been playing them in the VFL. Imagine Langford turns around and says he wants to leave. He should not have been dropped. Like Tom Mitchell did to Sydney after being played in the reserves for too long, he turned his back when it came to contract time.


McPhee part two. I hope we don’t spend another 5 years trying to fix basic skills. Use as trade bait to get a pacy mid that kicks well


IIRC,… he didn’t play VFL the week between. I think he was more “managed” than dropped. Crowe might have thought the load at senior level had taken a toll, and just wanted him to do some gentle recovery work for a week, just to be judicious on the quad.


This. 100% agree. Back the billy lids, we know what the older guys can bring to the team and it ain’t much better than that of the young guys…the kids will only get better the oldies won’t. Its time to roll the dice in their favour.

Lav has an x factor about him , just watch he will explode into our best 22 very shortly.


Was average but not terrible. Perhaps just did enough to keep his spot


I was talking about when he was dropped a few games back not after last night.


He is most defiantly behind Langford atm which is to be expected with all the injurys he has had. Langford killed it in the 2nds, but struggles to do it week in week out. Im line ball on dropping him for Langford.


Been around the world don’t speak your language


Keep sending him up.


His performance is very underwhelming.


That is a compliment considering his senior performances this season.