#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


I was trying not to be rude.
TBH I’m not sure why everyone gets excited by him.


Had a great preseason, then was stuffed by his injury. Lost all his touch, is basically doing a preseason in the ones, with all the bad handling and disposal that implies.

Will be better next year. Not sure how he can stay in the side if there’s any alternative whatsoever though, given how he’s been going.


I think he’ll be very good player for the club for a long time personally.


Honestly it’s LOL people who bag boekhurst who looks a 10x better player than him. At the moment mind you. I hope it changes but deadset he has done nothing since he has come in


I’d love this to be true, but I can’t see any basis for this assessment. Really has shown nothing at all.


Barry, the bloke has played 20 odd games, I’ve seen the way he moves on the field, his eye for goal, and his athleticism and flair. I also disagree he has shown ‘nothing’ - he has shown good signs to those that care to operate outside of scrolling to the bottom of the stat sheet.


We drop him when we have better options than him that are fit. Not there yet but the signs are there- strong marking, good leading, tackling and pace. But he needs to playing games like this is round 1 to build. Next year will be his.


I’m a big fan of his and think he is going to be a gun, but it doesn’t look like he is going to find any form at all this year. On todays performance I think I would rather keep Hocking in the team than him


I think he’s got the goods and he just needs consistent game time to bring them to the table, but not sure we can carry him into a final in the form he’s in. Prefer Langford at this stage - he offers more up forward, and may be the missing ingredient from our midfield set-up.


Back to the 2nds for Lav, miles off it. No doubt he will end up a good player but there are many players ahead of him in the 2nds.


Doesn’t like the hard ball and was very lazy today. No way he gets a spot in the next game


Always seems to play better up the ground.
It’ll be great to see him play next year.


Was our worst today. Imagine him against the Swans in a final. Would be absolutely monstered. Zero intensity topped off with pretty poor skills


Looks like someone with zero confidence

Those 2 missed kicks to Tippa in our F50 were horrendous (actually I think one was outside 50) as well as the OOF at 3 qtr time.


Have been a big fan from day 1 and still think he will be a star but we really cant carry him into a final in current form,
Of course if the returning guys arent ready we will have little to no choice


That mark he took for his goal was very impressive.
He’s got a long way to go, because he’s coming from a long way back, but he’s gonna be good.


He was OK today.

The question is if Hooker, Hurls and Raz are fit who do you drop?


Hmmm I honestly don’t notice any of these negative things in games that people are posting about. He’s ok. Will get better




Similar to Francis, if this bloke can get anywhere near the hype, we’ll be in great shape