#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


My eyes saw his out in the full at 3 QTR time. That was a turning point in that game. Serious. 38 points and goal on siren shuts a team out.

Out on the full is deflating. Was poor temperament sadly…


I think people get a bit too persuaded by his physique. He looks the the prototypical modern day footballer, but really he hasn’t shown anything of significance yet. He has only played 23 games, so still has plenty of time, but what is his special power?

Begley in two games already has several high quality AFL skill sets.


Love the Lav but agree with others - Hocking before Lav


I’ll be furious if he keeps his spot and ropeable if he’s selected.


You’re kidding aren’t you? What on EARTH were you watching?! He was shocking. Putrid!!!

From his 8 touches he had two direct turnovers that cost us goals, he had one ordinary golf chip kick inside 50 that went the length of the ground and cost us a goal and also kicked a set shot at 3QT out on the full. He had less score involvements than Hartley FFS and gained the least meters (68) from any player in our 22!!!
Would rather an unfit Francis any day than that CRAP.


I guess there is a fair point to be made in distinguishing ‘played poorly’ and ‘won’t make it’ as a player. Clearly he is producing some ordinary football at the moment and that needs to be acknowledged. The fact is though that he remains a really good prospect given the context of his season and progress with such limited football.


In the last quarter when we had stopped runnibg, he was one of the only guys to keep leading at the footy giving the kicker an option.

He is working hard but just hasnt got any sort of touch at the moment, he goes back to the vfl and raz takes his placd

He will have a long career at the bombers, no long term worries for me


Are you talking about Laverde, or Langford, or both?


Lav for sure, I reckon Lang has shown the odd glimpse.

Would still play Begs ahead of both of them right now


There’s about 20 odd posters on here suffering from this, they also refer to some sort of amazing potential Lav once showed in his past to deserve the hype and make ridiculous excuses like he’ll come good once we carry him for another season? The delusion is strong with this one


Good question perhaps to be pondered if you had to make a choice between Lav and Lang who would it be and would club consider giving up one if them in a trade


Back to VFL for finals. Give him a full pre-season and we’ll assess him at the end of next year.


We had our chance to trade laverde to st kilda



Was pretty easy to find flaws in his game today - would never make this criticism of him


I’ve been on the hype train since before recruitment… I’ve peddled the injury excuses, the poor San excuses, the development excuses, the saga excuses… u name it I’ve used it… but fmd I just can’t defend that effort today. Pure spudness and doesn’t deserve the finals spot. Both he and Lang have really disappointed thus far. :disappointed_relieved:


He was never leaving. It was just Paul Connors trying to squeeze a few extra dollars out of the club.

Lavs been terrible. Needs to be dropped and focus on a massive injury-free pre season


He does have the physique. Very rarely uses it.

Never uses his pace with ball in hand. He found the footy in space off half back today and ran backwards. I was like WTF. Take the game on. You have the tools man.

No confidence.

And he just hasn’t shown his explosiveness that he showed in his draft year. Frustrating.


Pretty easy question.


What a surprise. Young player struggles after disrupted preseason.


disrupted pre-season has nothing to do with the arrogance of not thinking he has to man up or chase his man or even be part of a defensive zone, completel liability