#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Serious question. What evidence is there that he is being ‘carried’ or that he is in some way cheating the supporter base by his anonymity during his vast body of work over 23 games? You have some strong opinions but I have rarely detected any insight beyond a rudimentary emotional feel for the game.


He wasnt. He was miles behind his opponent and his opponent ran off him .


Settle down


‘Didn’t get a full pre-season’ is one thing.
Being kept from playing for an extended period, two years in a row, is a little more than that.


Just needs to get his confidence back, … seems to have lost his belief in himself at Senior level.

… it’s coming, … slower than I think I’ve ever seen it return, … like it’s on a friggin drip feed.

I’m gonna call him Pantene from now on until it does.
(It won’t heppen over night, … but it … etc)


Remind me what it is he does well other than looking physically imposing?

Is he being played out of position? Is he more a midfielder?


No touches?


I went back to look up his combine results in his draft year just to see if I was missing something as far as potential impact that could develop.

did not test at the AFL Combine due to injury.


He can’t be a midfielder if he can’t pick the ball up off the deck. I think he’s a forward or nothing, just like many young blokes needs time


I think he ends up going through there ASAP next year, along with Lang, … but when he burst on the scene it was on a HFF,… and IIRC, he didn’t miss a goal in his first 3 games,(7 straight? IINM),… then got injured, and hasn’t hit them like he started out doing since his 1st return, … until the games in the VFL after returning this time around, that led to his elevation, (particularly the last one, … with 4 goals)

Looked to finally get some confidence back in the last half, and held a couple of marks on the lead, … having fluffed a couple earlier, . but still hasn’t got his goal kicking head back on.

Commented at the game, that they appeared to be deliberately feeding him at every opportunity in the last half under direction, to try to help get his touch back, . and it seemed to eventually start to work… I was praying he’d hit that last shot on goal, … it was a dead set sitter, … but, nup.


But all things being even, he doesn’t make the 22 as a forward, he is 191cms, that’s not a small, and playing him with our 3 tails I thought made us look too top heavy last week. He has reasonable pace, work on his below knees skills and get him on a wing I reckon


At the moment he is too indecisive with his disposal - He needs to learn to give the first option which is usually the best option.


Agree he has been disappointing this year. And clearly the wheels fell off yesterday. But I remember he looked like a jet when he played in his first couple of years…strong hands, good pace, ferocity at the contest and yes, good foot skills.

Play him out in the VFL this year and work on getting the body and head right for 2018. Has a lot more to offer than what we are seeing this year. It’s up to the club to get it out of him.


Is he even eligible for VFL finals?


No. Not even next week, unless he gets an exemption.



I would have thought for his confidence they would have given him a couple of AFL games then let him dominate a VFL finals series. Can’t do that now.


I see the potential with him and always have, but he’s in shocking form atm and cannot possibly be taken into a final.


Has been very disappointing.


I’m sure he’ll be fine long term but if Raz is fit I’d have him make way.


Such a stupid rule. Because he played yesterday he cant play Vfl next week, but he could play the week after. Just dumb.