#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


When on form, he leads well, is a strong mark, has a strong and penetrating kick, and is very mobile. Could be a mobile link up player who helps move the ball from the backline to the forward line, and pops up for goals. Hopefully a difficult match up due to his mobility and overhead marking.

When on form, and if he reaches his potential. At the moment he can’t make a decision or hit a target to save his life, and doesn’t have a big enough engine. So is not putting the pressure on he needs to.

I think the major issue is that if we had everyone fit and firing, he really plays the same role as Stewart. And I think Stewart is better. Maybe if Raz goes into the midfield with Walla more, but is Lav really good enough at ground level? And Begley is looking very good for that role as well.


I see why the rule would be there. Otherwise if we had some players that were playing seniors but were still getting match fit we’d play them in the first VFL final making that team quite strong. Lav is not a great example of doing this, but let’s say Hurley played for us last week in the AFL and then we played him again this week in the VFL Final… not really fair on the other team.

Maybe the VFL should have had the bye too?


See, i think that if both vfl and afl sides have made finals then the ‘bye’ shouldnt matter.


Well, … as I mentioned in the VFL thread, it’s Fathers Day this w/end, and I wondered (but have not yet checked) if the AFL bye landed on it last year as well, … and if it might have had some bearing, or was at least perhaps considered a lucky side benefit, of having the pre finals weekend off.

It would be a good idea if the VFL did as well IMO,… as once I realised, I thought it was great that I/we could just enjoy the day, with Dad,. and/or with the kids, with nothing Footy wise to distract…


I remember there being some sort of thing like this with Hawthorn a few years back. They asked for a special exemption to the eligibility rules for a VFL final and got it?

Edit: they did, it was McEvoy


Isn’t the main reason he can’t play because he hasn’t played 6 VFL matches in the eligibility period? Hocking can still play next week.


Depends what you mean by “main” reason. If he’d played 6 VFL games he’d be eligible. If he’d played one less AFL game he’d be eligible.


Isn’t it if he’d played like 4 AFL games less (i.e. all the ones since he got back)? I’m not entirely against a guy who has only played 2 or so VFL games being able to play in the finals because we drop him from the AFL side. If he’d played enough VFL he’d be eligible no matter what.


At least he is consistent.


My apologies, Sal was referring to the specific rule “if an AFL club’s VFL team is playing on the bye weekend, any AFL-listed player who did not play in the AFL club’s AFL team in the final round of the home and away season will be eligible to play in the club’s VFL team.”


Happy to trade the 2 L"s


Jayden Pears.

I’m not majorly worried about Lav, but I am a little bit worried that he’s broken. And if he is I will blame Geelong forever for doing it.

I’m getting a little impatient with Lang and Lav though. Lav has been injured the whole time and then when he’s fit he takes a while to warm up, brings the heat and then gets injured again. And Lang is fit the whole time but gets dropped every 3 minutes because he looks like he doesn’t give a shiit. If we see nothing from either of them by this time next year I think it will be pretty safe to cut our losses.


if he kicked straight this season youd all be singing a different tune


If my aunty had a dik…


…and he CAN kick straight. I have no idea where that skill went this year.


Harsh in my opinion.

The only blokes on our list that are younger, and performing better are Parish and McGrath, both elite talents.

Both Langford and Laverde have had high quality performances at VFL level, and they have both managed average level performances at AFL level with not a lot of opportunity.

2018 will tell us a lot, as both have an obvious spot in the best 22 if they are good enough.


1000000% they’re best 22 if they’re good enough. And I actually think they are good enough to be getting a best 22 spot. We need to be giving them as much AFL experience as possible. But if Lav keeps getting injured then surely we cut our losses and run. Intensity and intent are pretty big parts of what make a champion footy player and Langford is a bit lacking in that department. I think he needs for Bags to come in and head butt him randomly at training one day just to fire him up.


Langford is great when he gets fired up.

I’ve seen it maybe twice. A rare phenomenon.


I’m pushing again with hypotheticals.

Can this kid actually play legitimate Full Forward if he put on 3-5kg?

He is listed 191cm 88kg
Lloyd was 192cm 93kg
Fevola was 191cm 100kg
Roughead is 193cm 98kg

He maybe undersized compared to modern day monster fwds but if you have elite power and acceleration could he physically perform in such a role?

I think probably not but was wondering if the idea was worth exploring. I think that is more likely than Jayden becoming a midfielder.


I’ve got no idea what he is. There’s almost zero chance he’ll make it as a forward if we land stringer