#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


I actually thought it’d be worth keeping him in the team with hooker out as the forward you kick the ball onto’s head every time.


He is such a physical specimen. I know he was playing under 8’s when he kicked 6 goals in the VFL but he hit the ball and pack hard. His physique is Lloydesque and he can mark. He is also good in straight lines on the lead.

Then again he could be Jay Neagle…

I think he fumbles a lot though if he wants to play mid…


I maintain people get sedueced by Lav more by how he looks than how he actually plays


THIS, 1000X THIS, people here are so ■■■■■■■ deluded

guy is a truck


I do find these kind of comments from Ben amusing. Considering a certain drum he likes to beat


I honestly don’t get the criticism on Lav and Lang. I certainly see the potential on both but I’m well aware that they’ve both had their own issues. Lav injuries and Lang growing his body from a beanstalk HFF to a huge inside mid tree. Doesn’t help that they haven’t been given games like they would in a bottom 6 team.

Tipping both will cement their spots next year if they can have good preseasons. Especially Lav.


He’ll fit in perfectly with our midfield then…


That is an incisive and “colourful” comment


The club needs to take Lav, Langford, Francis and Redman out for a nice steak dinner in the next week or two

Sit them down and ask them what they want to be remembered for during their at Essendon

Make them well aware just how important they are to the club moving forward and make them well aware of exactly what it takes to become an elite AFL footballer

All four have the tools, it is just a matter of whether they are willing to apply themselves to the cause


Played a lot better when up the ground this year.
Looking forward to 2018.


Except the guy cant mark or kick for goal


we have no idea what he is. 2 years that could have been good development years wrecked by serious injuries.
The games we got into him this year were a bonus but his form was irrelevant. He had no time to adjust. 3 games in the VFL with a bag of 6 and then some fluff games at the end where we hoped he’d pick up the pace.
This preseason is massive for him though. Get him through that and avoid playing any games against Geelong at all costs.


He is also possible the worst set shot in the club, Hooker included.


At least my guys have at least on decernable AFL level skill as apposed to just looking physically impressive.


Whats the point of kicking good if you never get the ball?


Lav does neither


I’d say 6 goals in the vfl in one game the game that lead to his call up has been better than anything long’s done his entire career.


Lav had one strong game in the VFL, was rushed back and never seemed up to the pace at all.

No doubt his physical stature plays a part, but he doesn’t 'play’strong.

Confident an injury free preseason/first part of the season will help show us exactly when he has to offer.


10 goals in 2 games is more than 1 strong game.


I maintain that people forget that he missed 14 weeks with a very serious injury for a kid who’s footy is largely built on explosiveness and lateral movement. To say nothing of the loss of aerobic capacity in an athlete to whom such things are apparently hard won anyway.

He’s had such little continuity in his first few years that all of us - both supporters and doubters- are guessing as to his ceiling.