#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Wrong. Set shots prior to injury looked very very solid. Has a nice kicking action so should fix any inaccuracy with continuity.


“Jayden got a clip over the head while marking the ball in the air and he landed so awkwardly that his boot actually snapped,” Crow said.
"He’s got an injury to the inside of his ankle, the medial ligament, and also an injury to the flexor retinaculum, which is a sheet that goes across the front of the ankle.
“The first part of that injury is only of moderate concern for us but the flexor retinaculum is something we rarely see, so we’re getting an opinion from a specialist tonight about the best way forward in managing that.”


100% agree Sal.
Plenty to work with in Lav, but I see him as a midfielder who pushes forward, rather than a permanent forward.
Needs more fitness base to do that, but I’m as bullish about him as just about anyone outside the 22 that played on Saturday.


I think he is doing all he can considering the injury setbacks he has had. Playing games at AFL level is not the be all and end all and can sometimes hurt a players development vs playing in the VFL. He kicked 6 goals against a very week side in the VFL and was brought into the AFL side to early after such a long injury layoff. He wasn’t up to it, this knocked the kids confidence. Hence the thumbles dropped marks and wayward shots on goal, he would have been better off playing more games in the VFL side.

I recon himself and Langford will both be very good AFL players, I am hopeful but not convinced that it will be as full time midfielders.


Courtney Johns kicked 8 in a vfl game once


I agree, but I worry about the deficiencies in his basic skill set


I’m still amused how we talk about ‘mids’ and ‘forwards’.

If you take out our key position players everyone else is pretty much a midfielder these days. Mids also need to play defence given how zones work and they can also push forward.

LAV needs to improve but arguing if he’s a mid or a forward is a bit old fashioned when he needs to be good at both.


He’s only 21. Give him an uninterrupted preseason and see where he stands this time next year.

Case closed.


I’m with Benfti


I was harsh on his selection not him, he shoul not have been pixked this year, plain and simple.

That being said , hes gonna have to add more strings to his bow, otherwise he could be very obsolete very fast.
He pretty much eont be a first choice in the forwardline , ll things being equal next year, and if begley gets better, he xould find himself further down the ladder.


I like him too, but don’t see him ever being a midfielder. His cleanliness below his knees and work around stoppages and congestion isn’t up to scratch. I suppose he could pinch hit on a wing, but that role is typically taken by elite runners who can get to many contests. Lav’s not really cut out for that stuff.

But, he does have some great tools to play forward. He is a good mark, leads well at the ball and is usually a good kick for goal, though that part of his game seems to have deserted him this year. I think the role they are developing him in is his most natural position.


100% agree - jeez people can be harsh critics. Not every player is a superstar at 21.


He gets rated harshly due to him chasing the $$$$$ and thus underperforming.

Lets see what St Kilda offer at the trade table this year?
If they were interested last year they still should be keen.


FFS he’s had 2 very serious injuries in 2 years. Has barely had a decent run at it. Can we wait until he has a decent run at it before we write him off?


Just on that last line, I can tell you first hand that Jayden is 100% committed to being a premiership player for Essendon. He could have just felt sorry for himself after his bad injury but he knuckled down and worked his butt off to get his body right and make sure he had a part to play this year. Not many 20 year olds kids can apply themselves after something like that and do so well in his first few VFL games

He was incredibly excited about round 1 and he had every intention of pushing for selection and trying to get a midfield spot and sadly the injury ruined any chance of that

Say what you want about Jayden but if anyone questions his commitment willingness to become a gun for our club will be feeling my wrath haha




He’s a midfielder - that’s where he played all his underage football and that’s why he was drafted - as a midfielder. He knows how to play the role unlike any other position. Needs exposure and experience in the role and to get that he needs to build his strength, fitness, acceleration and contested ball work

Fairly straightforward


I havent written him off.

Just after 2 years he hasnt really performed.
Im still glad we got him ahead of Boekherst and think he will be a player, just will take time and will be Mid/forward not a forward/mid.

WE have plenty of upside in our list - outside of if we manage to get a Kelly/Rockliff/Stringer

Francis/Laverde/ Begley all improve their tanks then they are likely in the round 1 team.
If Langford finds some intensity on the offseason he could too.
Gleeson should take confidence after his final, add some strength and get better
Tippa/Parish/Fantasia/Zerrett/Stewart/Daniher all would hope to improve
If we can also get the same output from Zaharakis that would be good
Returning Blokes could improve next year or even get the same output wuldnt be that dissapointed - Heppell/Hurley/Hooker/Bellchambers
-Myers and Colyer will need to improve to keep their spot in the team.
Only blokes on the decline - Goddard/Baguley plus depth players potentially - Hocking/Howlett/Mckernan/Bird

Its the youth that are taking us forward next year, plus some new acquisitions.
Redman/Ridley/Mutch - we probably arent expecting that much from yet, if one or two of them could force their way in next year even better


He wasn’t ‘chasing the $$$$’. He was sensibly, with his management, considering offers.
There’s a whole world of difference.
And he did not ‘underperform’ due to it.

You could spend a lifetime correcting these throw-away gems.


Connors told St.Kilda that LaVerde is going to join them, if they increase the offer.

They increased the offer, and Essendon were forced to pay more.

Any job in the world, the more you get paid… the higher expectation on you to perform and deliver results. That is a harsh reality of the world.