#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


As far as harsh realities go, it’s not the harshest.


It’s throwaway (not a hyphenated word).


It can be either, actually.


Except for the entertainment industry.


Jayden was never going to saints regardless, he loves it here.


Pretty sure Lav played half-back and half-forward as well as a junior.


He’s barley been on the park to be able to perform


Yet his manager, unethically, told the St.Kilda football club that he was going to join their club, to lever a better deal with another club. I’m no buissness guru, but my guess if you have a company pulling this sort of stunt you’ll quickly be found out.

The manager is a representative of his client. Unfortunately for a 20 year old kid, they have no idea about how buissness should be done ethically. Yet they’re getting a bad name out of it.


Hi jonov.

Is this factual?

Or guesswork / assumption?

Honest question.

  • I would think player mgrs could only pull a stunt like that so many times…


Assuming this is true and you combine it with all the tidbits we hear each year then I don’t think it’s a reflection on Jayden.


Sounds like Myers 6 years ago!


Three years.


You should take out injury/recovery time, or it’s meaningless.


Did Myers miss 2 of his first 3 years through serious injury?

No being a smart ■■■ but a genuine question


Thanks Jayden.


No, he missed 8 of his first 8 years due to injury


Langford was taken ahead of Boekherst. Lav was the pick after


Boekhurst has done more than both of them.




I think laverde and langford would have played EVERY game if they were at Carlton. Boekhurst is now 24 or near enough.