#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Haven’t the knives come out for Lav and Langford the last couple of days, how old are they again ?


More or less the same age as the Irishman we drafted in the same year who’s played more games than either of them. Why do you ask?


Seems insane that we gave him 3 years doesn’t it?


On the boakhurst thing, laverde and langford would probably be close to 50 games each had they played for Carlton.


Langford has played the same amount of games as Mckenna…more or less, Lavs been injured.

Lost the faith in a couple of 21yr olds have we ?


Nothing surer and Carlton rate Langford still very highly. He was also Carltons preferred pick from memory


Langford 20. Laverde 21. both past it.


Not so much lost faith as concerned by history. The players on our list who were drafted as juniors who are best 22 now but weren’t the year they turned 21: Bellchambers, Colyer, Myers (Edit: forgot Hartley, with the delisting in between). Previously Hocking. Jobe’s not on the list because he was drafted at 17 (couldn’t be under current rules) and played 21 games the year he turned 21.

I’m not panicking or calling for their heads or anything, I’ve just shifted downwards slightly from expectant to hopeful.


Doesn’t matter if that were true, which it isn’t.

Boekhurst won’t make it.
Ask any Carlton fan !

Langford and Laverde are still question marks, but there is plenty to work with.
Personally, I think Lav has some great tools.
Needs an uninterrupted season though…no doubt.


Clearly the lad needs a reasonable crack at it, in which injuries have denied but for mine he needs to play up the field, wing perhaps even half back. We have Stewart, Begley, ahead of him currently. If we do manage to bring in Stringer and we don’t feel he has the ability to transition to another role I think he could be moved on. I also wasn’t as impressed as others were at his ‘bags’ in the reserves - for example the game in where he got 6, he got 3 of them over the top in the last quarter when the opposition had completely stopped.
He certainly has some AFL quality attributes, but if he can’t add another string to his bow he is in a tricky spot.


Nailed this as well


We should trade him to Carlton then!


I think people assuming Begley is ahead of Lav and The Langford aren’t necessarily correct.

Don’t be surprised if BBB finds himself in a similar situation to The Langford where he goes back to the VFL to learn to midfield.

Get a taste, know where you sit, know what you need to work on, get better, come in as a better footballer who can midfield.


nup, BBB is in the team to stay


Maybe. But I doubt it.

We need him to develop as a midfielder.

Like Langford he never really played / dominated in those positions at the time of his draft.

And learning to midfield from scratch in the AFL would be astronomically difficult to achieve.


That’s fair enough, my comment was more around the competition Laverde currently has for that mid sized forward role now and how that would increase should we bring in Stringer. I hope both Laverde and Begley play more midfield next year.


I see him as a wingman. He is quick. He takes a good grab. He chases and tackles hard. He tries to create, and I believe will do that well with consistent games (not gifted but earned). His kicking isn’t as bad as it appeared in the return from i jury games this year. Turnovers came from trying to take risky options. I think these will decrease as he establishes his place and role.

Regarding his age and relative achievement to date, it was only this year that Brad Crouch went from failed trade bait question mark player to established contested ball inside mid in a premiership contender. A lot can change in the space of a season for young players when they mature into their physique and get a bit of luck go their way.


Please trade him for Stringer.
Laverde is incredibly overrated.
Average speed, marking and kicking.


It is possible to get a good feel for whether a player has ‘it’ after a few seasons. No, you can’t be certain, but you can have a general idea. Neither langford nor laverde look like it to me


Well, we can only wait and see.