#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


Looks at LAV’s TAC cup highlights which show what he can do. That is what I am excited about, replicating that confidence and borderline arrogance with the football. I don’t think we have seen 30% of what he can do with a good injury free run at it.


Yep. This.


Young man. beautifully written , well thought out and is the reality. Jayden is the multi dimensional real deal. Langford is the real deal and the jigsaw is coming together for a sustained period. Stewart is very talented and will play some good footy but how versatile is he or can he be.


I tend to agree on Stewart. I’m not convinced at all yet that he’s going to be a best 22 player in a really good side. I don’t think he’s a good enough mark (and may never be) to make it as a genuine 2nd tall.
But his running capacity and ability below his knees for a guy that tall is very rare, so he’s definitely got some things to work with. Plus he’s a good kick.
Oh bugger it…he’s back in the best 22 :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I think it’s pretty hard to get a read on where he’ll go from here.


Laverde is a mid sized powerful burst player, who’s not great above his head, lacks sideways agility, and is relatively poor at ground ball gets.
Stewart is an agile running tall who isn’t a strong contested mark, and can’t really chop out in the ruck or move to the backline.

They each do something’s really well, but have areas to substantially improve on.
They are not comparable players in our set up - Stewart demands a tall defender (he can out mark smaller blokes).
Laverde as a forward requires an ordinary mid sized flanker to defend him.

So a significant selection decision isn’t head to head, but based on team structures. At present Stewart does more to open opportunities for Joe and Hooker than Laverde does.

Given the Stringer and Smith arrivals, and hoping that Laverde can improve at least some of his weaker areas with a good injury free run, I think his best chance to become an automatic best 22 is actually as a mid, and then more as a Zaharakis type - running in straight lines rather than as an inside mid, for all his body strength.


They’re not comparable in how they play just where they play.


See sentence about team structures - they don’t actually play the same position.


I have had this discussion in regards to a few forward-ish players, but I don’t reckon Stewart is all that safe.

I think my best side has Stringer and Begley instead of Lav/Stewart. Really it could be any of them, and Lang might be seen as in that mix too.

Remains to be seen how well they (and others) adapt to providing that high target facing the footy that Stewart did so well last year.


That’s about what I’d call his strongest feature. Not so much at AFL yet but he’s taken some huge screamers in VFL and TAC. Probably needs to get a bit more consistent when there is someone taking away his space and run.


I really don’t think we can judge him on ANY of his exposed form so far, he’s been injured every year since being drafted.

Loads to look forward to IMO.


what is your best 22 at this stage HAP?


Yes [quote=“Henry_s_Angry_Pills, post:4732, topic:2085, full:true”]

That’s about what I’d call his strongest feature. Not so much at AFL yet but he’s taken some huge screamers in VFL and TAC. Probably needs to get a bit more consistent when there is someone taking away his space and run.
As you say, with a straight line run at the ball he’s a fine mark, but gets outbodied too easily by third or key position talls. Neither does he have Fanta’s or Begley’s ability to turn a man and mark in a contested one on one.
Hence my comment “ not great above his head”

Hopefully he can work on this, but for all his highlight clips he’s still a bit one dimensional as a forward - yep even Begley has him covered there, much less Stringer.

I still think higher up the ground is his best bet, and I’ve yet to be convinced we should substantially change our forward structure from the three talls
Joe, Hooker, Stewart / Stringer
And three smalls
Fanta, Tippa, Green / Begley/ Smith


I think

F: Fanta Hooker Tippa
Begley Joe D Stringer
Zaha Lang Zerrett
BJ Hurley McGrath
Bags Ambrose Gleek

TBC Hepp Parish

Colyer Smith Saad McKenna

I think. But you could argue we need another tall down back. You could argue Saad and McKenna are competing for one spot. And what I think changes a fair bit, week to week.

FWIW I’d love nothing more than to hear Clarke or Mutch are really smashing stoppage work in pre-season. Would add some nice balance to this list.


In terms of what he’s done, absolutely. His form so far has been patchy.
But if you’re judging a 20? gamer on what they’ve done, you’re doing it wrong.

He’s got some real weapons.

EDIT: Actually if we were to throw hooker back (and I don’t want us to), I wouldn’t mind seeing Lav tried at FF. He’s hard to stop when the ball’s out front of him.


…surely “regularly” being in highlight reels tell you something.


Carlol is regularly in the mark of the year clips.


Yes, that you play in the forward line! (I understand what you are getting at).


Hoping this year is the year where his injury setbacks are put behind him everytime he looked good he got injured.


Disagree with you here. I think he is a good mark, and has good lateral agility. His recent injuries may be colouring your opinion (or not).


Laverde had a better season last year off about a few months of running than a quarter of the whole list. And that’s including guys like Long. I don’t know exactly how how high his upside is but I think he’ll be a useful best 22 player.