#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


I think Stringer recruitment hurts Laverde the most in terms of selection as I see them playing a similar role of strong bodied HF/midfield stints.

Both langford and laverde have been slightly disappointing thus far in their careers but both have shown enough to suggest maybe they can make it. This year needs to be big for both of them imho.

Again, for me, it just highlights the strength of our list that guys like Laverde can develop in the VFL and be ready for rotations/depth… I’ve wanted that for years and I really hope it comes true this season… I want our VFL to be full of guys that are pounding down the door and bursting for their chance.

Geelong and Hawks both do/did that really well in their big runs and it benefits the team on three fronts. You have depth to cover injury, pressure on selection AND it gives you great trade currency at the end of seasons to top up/turn over the list. That is not suggesting I think Laverde is trade fodder…


No you couldn’t.

Both best 22.




I concur with the majority of blitz consensus regarding his strengths, weaknesses and potential.

What I don’t get is the people who have Begley ahead of him at this stage. It was all very circumstantial last year.

I want Begley playing 6-8 AFL games next year and play VFL in the guts learning to be a genuine mid.

If Laverde is good enough I’d like to see him play 25 games.


I hate the “look at his junior highlights” line. TAC cup form 4 years ago means literally zero now. Laverde definitely has the ability to be a gun but for his output currently, he’s terribly over rated.


You only have to read Laverdes draft profile to see that he was just as flaky in his TAC cup year.

Not much has changed.

Still a lot of question marks over what type of player he is.


I agree WOB

He doesn’t take the game on. Hasn’t for a long time.

When I say I want to see him play 25 games I still don’t have him best 22.

But I want him to make it. If he does,we will be a better side.


Is he training with the mids or forwards this pre season?


What’s hard to understand? Some people rate him higher.
Begs will make a very smooth transition to mid in a few years. His skillset just fits there, hand in glove. I’m still not sure (admittedly, he’s had a shocking run at it) where or how Lav fits in there. In VFL and AFL his form has all been forward.

I rate Begley very very highly - but so far I’m not seeing much to change my views.


More than 10 goals in a few games at vfl level after being injured entire preseason most of regular season up to that point. and people are all but calling for his delisting but players like long have shown ■■■■ all their entire career but because his dad is a legend of the club he must get the time to prove he’s worth it. or mckernan who plays 1-2 good games a year and has had a career thats truly perplexing is still a blitz favourite to many?


You shouldn’t take a lot of notice of his 5 games last year, … he was once again returning from injury, and as I said earlier here, after hitting ripping VFL form quickly, something was weird when he went up into the Seniors, … he didn’t seem to be able to play his natural game, or with the same flair.

His form in his 1st season showed what he has to offer, … and I for one, am confident he’ll settle and produce it again and then some this year.,


How’s the off-season cabin fever going?


Please list them. Lav’s senior form was awful due to his limited prep and he had a couple of good VFL games. I’d be interested to see who you think ranked lower.


I remember when Laverde was to Blitz, what Begley is to it now.

Young, exciting and sure to be the next big thing with no downsides. How the tide turns.


Begley is the real deal in my opinion.

His stocks will rise very fast


I’m not saying he’s not, but Laverde (and plenty of others) have had the exact same hype around them.


Yeah fair enough.

I have never understood the fascination with Lav

Hopefully he can have a big year


I feel that way with Begley. I hope we are both wrong!


If they both come on then we are in a great position


I reckon if one of them does we’re in pretty good shape


Mids when I’ve been to training. And looking like a beast too.