#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020




I think people 12 months ago were underrating Stewart and are still underrating him

23 seconds in fends off two players snaps goal, let’s also mention his pin point kicks to players running full tilt to both Colyer and Tippa

Let’s also look at the scores in the highlights and see how many clutch goals he kicks from roving, big marks, from 50 out, and on both feet

once we’ve done that, let’s look at his agro and intensity for the contest and big time goals, and he played his first game about 8 rounds in

right footed Danniher about a year behind him in progress and experience, maybe two years now because Danniher is a beast


Stewart was very good last year, for a 22 year old 197cm forward it was a very exciting development year and really a great bonus for the club. He provides a significant mismatch for opposition teams in that they need a genuine tall to match him, however it’s his agility, pace, contested work that are his real weaponswhich makes him an even more difficult match up. He hasn’t shown he can become a genuine number 2 tall forward but not many 22 year olds have and even if he doesn’t develop into a great contested mark he can still be a very effective key forward. Opposition teams will put a bit more time into him this year so it’s a great challenge but I’m confident we will see another strong development year from him.

Injuries have robbed Laverde of significant development time since he was drafted, at the time a mix of him and Langford as forward/mids looked the perfect selection. Our list has since changed significantly. Stewart has gone way passed him for the third tall, depending on how successful Stringer is as a mid he is also potentially competing with him and as is Begley. Based on exposed form all those boys look better players now and in my view look better long term prospects. I actually don’t see Laverde playing many AFL games this year, I see him having a similar season to Langford as last year. Developing as a VFL midfielder with time inside and outside the contest. He isn’t going to make this side as a marking forward and depending on how he progresses his midfield craft could be we’ll be squeezed out.


They’ll always be opportunities due to rolling injuries. Laverde will most likely play early and have a chance to maintain his position by performing. Hopeful that he’s fitter and more versatile.


I wonder if Stewart with h is agility couldn’t at some point do a stint in our midfield.


Good question. I haven’t really drawn up a best 22 yet as I reckon the players that would fall into our 15th-30th best player range are all very close and both these two would be in there. Gut feel is based on their respective performances last year Stewart will be given first crack at the 3rd tall forward spot but I think Laverde is the more talented player.


Yep. “Best 22’s” are a complete waste of time until around the half way point of the / any season I reckon.


So we can pick 30 blokes for round 1? :grinning:


Not sure if trolling those who are saying Laverde isn’t just a forward…


Did have that exact thought,… being that at this point,… you could reasonably pick about 15 definite’s, … and easily throw a blanket over another 15 or so that are possibles for the other 7 spots.


Isn’t that just as true at any point in the season? (injuries aside)


Not for me, … it gets thinner and more concise with every week of exposed form (Seniors & VFL) with, as you say, . injuries aside.


The thing that says Laverde is valued highly by the coaching panel is the fact he’s often thrust into the team off limited preparation coming back from serious injury. They’re keen to fast track his development as soon as it’s practical. Reckon in time he’ll be a contested midfield beast.


Saw him maul a teammate during a drill yesterday… then monster him a bit more when getting up with the ball…

Lav has exceptional decision making, lots of mongrel about him, good execution/disposal skills… and he is a great size. That’s why they play him at every chance they get.

If he can find some game time continuity and get the pill more often with greater consistency, he will be an A-grader…

But the best part about him becoming an A grader, will be the fact that Carlton overlooked him for Blain Boekhurst :laughing:


What’s his actual position?

I see some posters claiming he’s a forward and some say he’s a mid.



I really hope he gets a clear run at it this season without injury.
I’m certainly not on his bandwagon, but we’re all basically clueless as to what he can bring to the table when fully fit and prepared


In juniors he was HFF/inside mid/wing/HBF

Versatile kid. Just hasn’t been fit enough to show his wares outside of fwd at AFL level previously.


Anyone saying they know where he’ll succeed at AFL level is guessing IMO.

To me he needs to get continuity and touch first, before we really know if he’s anything, let alone what that is, exactly. I think he gets a game easiest in the forward line.