#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


I do tend to think that this year could be make or break for Laverde and Langford. I don’t think they need to be stars but do need to show some improvement.


100% agree. We tend to keep out first rounders for far too long, purely on the basis that they were picked first round.


Both out of contract at the end of the year as well.


Would another club pick them up - agreed think one wont be there


You lot are mental, they are still just kids.

Whenever they have been fit they have either been in the side or close to being so

They are probably in our best 25 players already, in time should become best 18. They won’t be being pushed out door anytime soon IMO


I think the point is, if they are fit and healthy, but can’t crack a regular game in the 1’s they’ll probably be asking to leave so the club will have a battle on their hands to keep them




Needs to stop partying too


I don’t want to lose either, Just saying both out of contract.

I’m actually pretty bullish on what, Langers will bring this year and Laverde just needs a fair run at it.


Uh oh!


Seen him out a bit?
I think he and a few of the boys go pretty hard


Yeah and hearing hes going out a fair bit, hope he tones it down coming into the season :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Agreed. Especially Langford, if he struggles in the middle and/or doesn’t get games I’m sure there are clubs who would love to put him on a HFF where he’s looked best. Especially as if he doesn’t solidify a spot this year his trade price would be a bag of chips.


What happend to Laverde in the intra club. He left the ground around the same time as Hurley but didn’t return either

I’ll take my answer in the form of a new thread.


The one thing we learnt from last pre-season was that our forward line was unstoppable when it got down there (especially the combination of little guys). Turns out that applied against other teams too!


What we learnt from this pre-season is that our VFL players are going to kick a lot of goals.


And that our VFLW team will struggle to kick them.


Think precaution. Theyre managing his workload as he had tight hammys during the week



Assuming that Laverde and Langford struugle this year, my guess is Langford will find another club, while Laverde is no certainty to find a club.