#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


That’s a very long straw to draw.


One thing is certain, the saints chased Laverde quite aggressively in 2016-17, however I’m not aware of a club showing any interest in Langford at any stage.


Still have nfi where Laverde is going to play, should his form warrant senior selection. Thats not a good thing.


They would both be snapped up in a trice


Dead set, the pelicans are out in force in this thread.

No question Lav is a serious talent, but he does need to have some luck with injuries (& should never play Geelong again…).

If he does, he’ll be predominantly an outside midfielder/winger who pushes forward, but at his best he’ll be someone they can deploy anywhere on the ground if needed.


2 years ago Laverde entertained the idea of moving to St Kilda. If the Saints go there again (on the back of an enticing offer) good chance Laverde will go. Change of scenery, change of luck?


Yeah! Who’ll be left to pull the bows??


Wasn’t it his agent who entertained the idea of getting Laverde to St. Kilda, and Laverde and his parents wanted to re-sign with Essendon regardless of the better offer from St. Kilda, but the agent (Paul Connors, everyone’s favourite agent, I think?) refused to budge?


Sounds like nonsense to me. Agents are player representatives and are obliged to follow the instructions of their client. Lav probably used the St Kilda offer as leverage for a better offer, which is a perfectly reasonably negotiating tactic in this day and age.


Connors entertained it

LAV and family are lifetime EFC supporters. He’s not going anywhere.

Don’t think he will be spitting the dummy about game time thus far when he has been injured for most of his career & only just got himself fit.

The list knows what’s ahead for this group given the class of players between 18-25yrs old.


Can you at least wait until the middle of the season before you start packing their bags for them???


Blitz pls.
They’ll both get 3 year contracts minimum.
We need one of them to become a player and I reckon the club will see that as a fair risk/reward.


True but sometimes there are dodgy people who only care about getting more money regardless of who they represent.

Obviously, we won’t know what really happened, but here is hoping it was only Connors who tried to make the push, and Laverde stays along with Langford – and fulfill their potential.


I’d honestly be asking questions of Laverde and Langford if the likes of Myers are being selected before them.

At some point these “kids” are going to have to break into the 1’s or else they will find themselves like old mate Jackson Merrett being on the list for 6+ years effectively being list cloggers.

They still have time but at the same time, we haven’t seen anything outside of one game here and there to suggest that they will be best 22 in the future.

Clocks ticking


I think the questions need to be directed towards the coaches.

Myers appears on face value to be adding very little to the side and yet is prioritized over two talented kids.


The same club that gave Jerrett a contract is giving Langford and LAV multi-year deals even if they play the season out in the VFL.


Poor list management. Neither deserve it.


If Myers gets 3…


You might be right.
I wasn’t arguing it wouldn’t be.
Just what will happen.


If The bombers have a cracking season and both Lav and Lang play well but cant get in (due to a winning A side or team balance or whatever)- then the pressure then is as balanced back on Dodoro and Team as to keeping the boys and or risk them looking for opportunity elsewhere. Both these boys have a future , but if preference is given to say Myers and he takes it , not sure it is the fault of either one , it could simply be about opportunity and nothing more.