#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


Either way, by the end of the season we’ll know if their any good

If they are, they must play most the season


If these blokes play the year out in the VFL, they will still get a contract offer from us.

They are a long way from the bottom of the pecking order.

The question is whether they’ll stay and accept the offer if they aren’t getting AFL opportunity.


Look, if they’re in the VFL and knocking the fricken door down then we will be in a great position. This has not happened too many times of late. Lave got in on the back of 9 goals in two weeks and Raz was injured iirc.


Opportunity will arise for the both of them.

It’s fanciful to think a “best” 22 stays on the park everyweek. Just got to ensure they themselves do stay on park and force their way into the team on form.

Edit… I spoke too soon! RIP

How unlucky for him given was having a strong preseason and was out running plenty at training.


done hamstring (tendon) - out for 8 - 10 weeks…this dudes becoming too injury prone




They are top 20 picks heading into their 4th year into the system. I expect them to be good enough to be consistently pushing into the senior side.




Fark that.





He had hamstring tightness going into the intra club, played and now he has a tendon injury. I hope there are a few sweaty palms down in the medical room.


Injury report -EFC


Bloke is just about as injury prone as Gumby


That is absolutely ■■■■■■ terrible , no one has died, but that is just bad management !!! but damn unlucky no good at all


Injury Report - EFC


There needs to be questions asked why they would risk it when there were warning bells…bad management.




By the time he completes recovery, then builds fitness backup we’ll be lucky to see him in the VFL before mid-year.

Another season derailed before it begins.


He must be devastated - so close to the season… feel very sorry for him.