#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


You’re ■■■■■■■ kidding me


Bloke’s body just keeps on breaking

Kinda like Myers - massive frame but made of glass


terrible luck.

Not the first young player to have hamstring problems and wont be the last.

Hopefully they can get his problems under control for the long term.


He is shattered…




Take a year off son. Get your body spot on and try again. I don’t like seeing such regular breakdowns.


oh wow… poor kid.

Nothing more to say really.


the only small thing going for him is that there is 6 weeks before the start of the season…hopefully he misses closer to 8 weeks which would mean he could be back within the first month of the season…fingers crossed


RIP Laverde we hardly knew ye


We should just pull him out of preseason at the start of February


Laverdleton. Poor guy.


At least we’ll get to hear about his plans for a mini pre season.


When he gets injured he reallllly gets injured. No week here and there stuff. Big lay offs.


@benfti called it.


^ Context


Bookmarked that one did you?


Blitz search on fleek.


Surprising it’s not about how we drafted a white guy with leadership quality…


Can someone ■■■■■■■ shoot me thanks.


I’ve been complementary of the fitness staff largely but given he had hamstring tightness during the week why was he allowed to play in the intra club?

Very, very disappointing.