#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


Same crap happened when Lloyd did the bad hammy in '06. Didn’t train on the Thursday (just goalkicking), did the massive tear the Sunday.


It is massive fark up


Terrible for Lav.

Langford watch now with even more scrutiny.


I can only think that we were worried that we would lose…


On the face of it seems poor management but there wouldn’t be a player who doesn’t tighten up with hammies /calves etc as a result of football training.

In my illustrious (not really) footy career, I trained with Box Hill Hawks in a preseason and I got massages regularly after training as both were always tight from getting absolutely smashed with running, jumping, picking up ground balls etc.

If they do all their tests on mobility and passes & the player says he’s fine it’s just plain unlucky.

I can’t for one second think they’d have played him if knew there was any significant risk. They are constantly managing players loads and giving light sessions etc for the whole list through preseason.


Love the LAV,
but luckily we have LAV2.0 on standby.


Can’t really answer this one until we know how often players play with hamstring tightness without issue.


Hamstring strain rules Dons speedster out of R1
Callum Twomey
Feb 13, 2018 4:56PM

Come on Cal, you call Lav a speedster ?


Pure Essendon this.

The GM of football on the live broadcast, in the first quarter literally says “oh Laverde, yeah he had a tight hamstring during the week”

Then boom, 8-10 weeks.


If it were an intra club last weekend he wouldn’t have played but since it was a final he…wait!


Yep he also wasn’t even sure if Jayden was out there due to this and said he has had niggles all pre season.




Like a few other players on our list, I just don’t see how Laverde will make it at the top level. He seems a ‘jack of all trades master of none’ type of player. His speed, strength, kicking, marking ability, set shot are all above average. However, he isn’t a stand out in any category. I’m not even sure what his best position is?
Delist or Trade for mine.


Really hope for his sake he can come back from this, but the odds of him having a successful career keep getting longer :(.


Are we getting a touch of injury wobbles this season? Colyer, then Mutch, then Hurley (scare) and now Laverde.
We had a great run last year, but things ain’t looking good atm.


Sounds like Goddard


Really poorly handled by the club this.
I was at training on the Monday and he only did the warm up then motioned that he would be going inside to swim. And I’d read the couple of preceding training reports that said he was absent. I was staggered to see him being risked in an intra club game on Saturday.

He’s in a contract year. This is exactly what he didn’t need after 2 injury interrupted seasons.


He is a forward, on a list with about 6 elite / AA forwards. Its going to be hard to pick him in that forward line.


The head of the fitness at the club should be instantly dismissed due to a total lack of duty of care! If it was known that jayden had hamstring tightness before that intra club game ( & according to dan Richardson it was) then why the hell would you risk playing him in a intra club game. Unforgiveable on the fitness staffs behalf , i hope the board ,coaching staff read the riot act bigtime to Crow and his croonies ! An absolute disgrace of the highest order


I’m sorry, but how the fark is a 21 year old doing 8 week hamstrings?

Sounds like someone in conditioning has really dropped the ball here.