#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


LAV is cooked.

His body isn’t made for football, more so modelling.


Get a grip mate.
The fitness staff have been excellent for a couple of years. This is very disappointing but you don’t go sacking guys over 1 injury


It should be added for balance that I think Crow and the team have been outstanding in the last year or so.


He was possibly told to go 80% and over did it. If you pulled someone like Lav from training every time he got tight he’s hardly get on the track.



Good question- he had tight hamstrings and was tentative but they played him.


At AFL level his set shots ain’t above average imo. But he is above average - good in all other areas. However his reading of the play is average, And he does seem a bit slow at AFL level at times. Maybe it’s the strings’?

He had enough tools to succeed & those calling to delist are a bit silly.

With that body & speed / power I would like him to be played entirely as an inside mid in the VFL - is his body will allow.

He just can’t break into the Fwd line.

Could Mason Redman possibly surpass him this year the way Begley did last year if he doesn’t get a run at it?


He is a lot like Francis looks to have a great build for the game but keeps breaking down. Both of them a less than 50 percent chance to have a successful afl career now i think.


If we were given a second round pick for myers in his 4th season, would you take it?

If the saints offer something like that, we should seriously consider it. His injury history is already appaling.


I spoke too soon…


You never risk anyone who you know isn’t 100% especially in a intra club game ,end of story


No wonder the Saints were chasing him, they wanted another top 20 draft pick to join Nathan Freeman in their rehab group.


I’ve heard some stupid ■■■■ in my time, but playing an injury prone player at less than 100% fitness in an intra is beyond moronic. 3 wasted years in a row.




Damn. Hope it’s his first and last soft tissue injury.


Yeah, right.

Fking fk it.


Soooooo…Langford forward?


Damn he was looking up and about during a couple of training sessions I saw.


Laverde’s biggest issue is being on a list in 2019. I do worry he is too big in the upper body.


Reckon he’s done it at the 12:35 minute mark (2qtr if watching replay on BomberTV) in a marking pack and then he struggles for the next 30 secs or so as he goes off the ground.