#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


Reckon we should attempt to splice Laverde and Langford into one ‘good at football superbeing’. It would work I tells ya! The guy from Ivan Drago and that guy from Hoopla Doopla as one guy. Then we could complain about using two picks on one player who is muscly, whacky and shows no emotion at any point in his life… FFS.

Yes, it’s disappointing he’s injured. FK MI, there are stories like this -and many worse - throughout every club. Get a grip.


Da fuq is going on? Is the weapon back in charge of the fitness department?


Poor bugger, looks to be cooked.


Will be back in business Rd 3 firing on all cylinders.



maybe doc reid put a letter on paul hamiltons desk about lavs tight hamstring but no one bothered to act on it.

really poor form from the club on this one. if it was known he was tight in the hamstring he should have been backed off for a couple of weeks, not pushed. a huge loss.


What is it with our Chad Sexingtons never being able to play a game. Tayte Pears, Laverde…Francis.




Did you hear the one about the player who played whilst feeling 100%? Nope…me neither.


:smiley: chad sexingtons


Wasn’t really best 22 last year and nor was Big Red for that matter. Disappointing for the young lads, but not the end of the world. Gives some of our other younger talent an opportunity.


You forgot the ‘biggest’ one of the all Courtney the Messiah Johns!


Crow and his croonies’?
(aside from the hilarious typo)


I’ll see you all in the bring him in for Anzac day thread.


How does a “strain” equate to 8 - 10 weeks?
Did he strain it off the bone?


I think it was a tendon strain. Not muscle…I think.


That sounds like a euphemism.




Well where does that leave us… who do we trade him to? David Jones? Myer?


it’s over.