#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


If it’s 8 as opposed to 10, it would be ideal for Lav to come back in after the short Anzac day break as we will be shuffling players. That would be about 11 weeks off in total (8 recovery, 3 for building fitness/vfl).


Should we add Lav to the long term injury list this week.
Give Long a chance of a game, just in case he dominates the VFL.


Rules changed - don’t have to anymore.


pretty little things…


Sad news for Lav… He will miss 3 years now of development.


I thought he only got injured against the Cats.


Could have been anything…


Long is on the primary list.


Cue a @Bomb_Doe gif with a cat interrupting the intraclub


ok. just going off EFC AFL website





They weren’t going to offer a second round pick last time, they certainly won’t for a player who has failed to play almost any AFL now.


Yeah it’s out of date, shocking I know :stuck_out_tongue:



I hope the club is just ultra conservative with Laverde moving forward.


I love how many blamed the fitness through assumptions. You know they don’t have the authority to pull them off the track. They advise the coach, the coach then makes a call obviously taking into account the players viewpoint.

Mark Harvey is no longer a senior coach because he continually ignored the fitness staff and his list crumbled.

I’m not saying that’s what happened here. BUT I wouldn’t be pointing fingers based on assumptions. The truth won’t come out either because its not as if Crowe is going to blame woosha publicly.


Isn’t this his first soft tissue injury? Collar bone and ankle were both impact injuries as I recall, and this bloke has muscles on muscles.
Just needs to concerntrate on building up his tendons!!*
Blitz sure does love a meltdown.
Don’t write him off yet.
*facetious comment, don’t take literally.



Got injured trying to spoil Belly, so still in tact :wink:


Some blokes have all the luck don’t they. This really sucks


I hope the club is ultra conservative in moving him midfield.