#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


Certainly not on the physical side of things, if anything he was a little over developed in that area. The club would have provided specific goals for young Neagle and dietary advice, but it is up to the individual player to work hard enough to meet those goals and heed the advice. Clearly he didn’t. Call it the Cupido effect, but on a much smaller scale, as Jay didn’t have as much natural talent.

As for the grammar issue? When l meet a grammar Nazi in distress l try to comfort them by saying “there, their, they’re,” but not always.


And what a serious bonus it would be as another big bodied mid.
Really hope he can show something similar tonight!


I don’t think so, no.


Ahhhh… finally Boot… :slight_smile:
Hopefully, it’s justified.


If we lose him it’ll be for absolute peanuts, I for one hope we/he decides to stay because I reckon there is a very handy player there with LAV


I always rated him higher than Langford because you can’t teach aggression,which he has in spades. Injuries aside I can only imagine what we’d have if he’d had the same run as Langford.

Will be a good addition to the team if he can get going.


I’d be loathe to lose him too. I think he’ll get his body right, and with that confidence, which i think is one of his issues. He doesn’t feel as if he belongs yet, which is fair enough. I think there’s a dynamic player in there though.

Part of the issue I think is that he’s a prime-mover in the seconds and plays with dash and aggression. He gets lost in the firsts because he gets played as a defensive forward and given limited scope to play as he does in the seconds; and because he’s the kid and doesn’t have the same self-belief.

I reckon he would benefit from an extended run like Langford did, and being set more challenging tasks.


Some tempting offers coming through for Jayden I hear.
Things are in the balance.
The unfortunate reality is that you need to over-pay to dislodge a player from a team, and when that player is not getting that much, it’s a relatively easy thing to do. A gamble, though.
We’ll see.


I agree


It’s a negotiation

We’ve offered 1. Wait for their offers. Work on our deal accordingly. And prob need to see where exactly we stand with incoming targets first.

Massive Bomber supporting family, you’d think will work it out. But if he really wants to go to a pleb club for an extra year seeya!


And give him a game to reassure him that he’s part of the future when fit.


His family got him over the line last time Saints came knocking, if I remember correctly.

Don’t know if it’ll be the same this time. He’d know this could be his last contract in the AFL considering his injury history and age.


Lav wouldn’t leave Essendon unless we got rid of him. Bigger fan than setterfield.


It’s very iffy at the moment.


Need to keep him. Talent is there .


His reputation is shot.


Surely if you are a grown up who you barracked for as a kid doesn’t mean a lot.

If you perceive that you haven’t been treated that well (not necessarily Lav) and/or you are offered big money and/or opportunity who you supported means close to zero.

Discard if all this talk is part of a Blitz in joke.


Better at contract negotiations than football.


He’s literally done nothing in 4 years

If he gets another contract, he can consider himself lucky. I think he will, and I’m okay with that, but geez. He hasn’t earned it


Perfect storm for leaving the club and seeking an opportunity elsewhere IMO.

I’m a believer (some would say irrationally) so I’d be shattered to see him play in other colours.

P.S. The above was said BEFORE tonight’s match :sweat_smile:. Rational believer now?