#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


The mistake we make is that given we only see AFL matchday we assume that is the sum total of how the performance of a player should be assessed. Over an entire career that is true, but Lav will be offered his next contract based on other factors such as attitude, commitment to rehab, VFL performance, training performance and a whole bunch of fitness, speed etc kpi’s. Sure the contract is discounted because he gets injured, but that also provides a very clear reason for his minimal output at AFL level.
The interest in him reflects he has a lot of positives which we don’t get to see.


Fair start!!


All you need is Lav!


What a mark and goal!


Lavvvv 2 goals in 20 seconds
Fark all u laverde haters


I think the deal is every goal gets him a year.


3 yrs n counting


Get the deal done


And again Jakey!!!


Up to 4 yrs now


I’m not a fan, but this is an outstanding qtr. comfortably the best of his career


Laverde: The Art of the Deal


On fire. Should have passed that off too.
goalkicking mid next year??


Give him 4 years.


Has he given up revs yet?


Who’s this number 33?


Who is this man?


Sign him up for a few years.


Will bump up his trade value


7 yr deal, 1.0 m/yr.

Best qtr he has played for EFC.