#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


See the agility and power and speed?
191cm ffs.
Just needs to keep body right!!!


Let’s start a GOFUNDME for LAV!


Sorry I ever doubted you LAV!


Trade bait quarter


The newest million dollar man! Sign him up!


Doing really well to boost his trade value.
Simply must shop him around. Maybe trade him and colyer for a second rounder
then use two second round picks for a first round pick and trade them both for shiel.
Must trade this guy


I’d just love to see his body give him a decent crack at it


Mentioned in another thread that there was still some distance between Laverde & the club contract wise. The club want him and tonight’s first qtr is part of the reason why. They also see him as part of the midfield rotation. Nice to see him going well tonight, but needs to go on with it now.


Would trade now.

Value never been higher. :smirk:

On the flip side, well done lad, you can’t play any better than that, I do actually hope he stays.




Will we have anyone left playing for us after you trade them all?


Want a strong 2nd half around the ball now,and/or forward.

If he can get up to 20 touches with 3 goals,its vote worthy.


I didn’t see the first qtr. I take it he went ok.


2 goals in 20 seconds was the start of it. Since then, 1 goal 2, looked dangerous! Hope he keeps it up in the 2nd half!


not too shabby

yep - hope he has a big 2nd half


We’ll have all the kids we drafted playing.



Played 1 good qtr.

Still lot of work to be done Lav


Nah hopefully we turn over the whole list mate.

We didn’t make finals so bringing in a whole different 22 is needed.




Oh yeah.