#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020


Yup. But I would say the 4th quarter he went alright too. And by that I mean I actually noticed he was playing.


Lav and Fridge will be competing for that sixth forward role.


The great thing about his first quarter wasn’t the goals it was his pressure and attack at the footy. The goals were a result of his intensity around the ball.

Actually showed what he can do when he has a fair dinkum crack.

Faded after quarter time though.

In fairness to him i think he has been horribly managed by the club. Seems to get rushed straight into the seniors when what he has needed is continuity of games at vfl level to build fitness and form.

Club have said they want him to sign on again.

Interesting to see if he stays or goes


Horribly managed??


Told ya.

Get him signed.


He is worth more to us to keep. Sign him up.


Should have kicked 5 and shoved it right up the haters.


trade him
while he has good value


Sign da ting Lav


Whisper sweet LAVS in my ear


His contested work when the ball was on the deck was a lot better today than I have seen for a long time.

Before the game I said to my dad I just wanted:

  1. No injuries
  2. Lav, The Langford and the Messiah to all have good games.



Looked really confident last night and his attack on the footy was first rate. That first goal he kicked must have given him a significant boost. Obviously faded but that’s the best game I’ve seen him play and he probably got himself another year. Well done.


A key attribute is his attack on the footy which we saw what he can bring when he is able to play like that. It’s also resulted in impact injuries which have obviously hindered him. Not that I’m comparing him to Hirdy at all, but I remember Sheedy saying that James had to think about backing off a little with his ferocity if he wanted to have a career due his injury rate. It may be a similar thing here with Lav.

Personally I was rapt to see him show us what he can do.


Needs a massive preseason.

His capacity to influence games is unlimited.



Fantastic first quarter… was a bit quieter after that but was still lively and continued to apply a lot of pressure up forward - he is a strong lad. I really hope he makes it with us.


I was sold on him when he smashed that pack with the first kick forward.


He needs a clear run after a good preseason.

He certainly had a bit more spring and agility last night. You have to wonder if we were rushing him back a bit early and should have taken the Francis approach of making him earn it after doing a mini preseason and a solid patch of VFL games.


I liked it when he just pushed over one of the port players at the start of the game. That’s the aggression that I loved seeing from Lav in his first few games.


Nobody can deny his physicality or courage.

Could you imagine if Stewart played with his physicality?

Or could you imagine if Laverde was 6cm taller…