#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


I’m not disputing the potential value, you are absolutely right on they way they can impact. But to utilise someone like that you have to do it properly else you can do more damage than good - see Adelaide as an example.

Hence my reservation in doing it because other do.


Fair list there.

I’m all for a more professional apprach done the right way. It’s a really critical position and selecting the person should be a long and difficult process to ensure you have the right one.


Has Longy always gone for Hangers, or just more so recently, has a bit of spring.
Is the tape around his knee limiting his influence, is he carrying a injury?


The Adelaide situation has absolutely no relevance to having Psychologists at the club. In fact it’s the complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

A psychologist uses scientific evidence to support the wellbeing of their clients. These psychologists have dedicated years of study to gain their Masters or PHD in this field. Clients have every opportunity to opt out of any relationship with a psychologist. They must abide to a medical body, and can lose their registration if they don’t conform to an evidence based practice.

The programs that were used at the Adelaide Crows had no scientific evidence, in fact the evidence says those methods that were used were always going to have detrimental effects psychologically. There is no room for innovation in psychological programs, especially ones that clients have no opportunity to opt out of.

A bunch of cowboys with business backgrounds have no place to be meddling in peoples psychology, Then selling it as cutting edge performance & leadership programs.






Try him as a small defender next season.



His best position in the AFL would be to use his closing speed, good hands and reading of the play better from behind the ball rather than at HFF


Keep. Probably.


I would still cut McNeice before ditching Long.

Maybe I should change my name to Long2Daniher








There’s a carstle defence joke in there somewhere but I’ll leave that alone for now.


A moat point




Lower the drawbridge and send the young fellow off with our best wishes.


That’s what knights would have done


Long was a good squire just couldn’t make the transition to full blown knight.


Ni! Not until you bring us…a shrubbery!