#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


I fart in his general direction.


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He’s not that quick.


Feeling a little seedy, Alex?


would improve his aroma.

his mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries.


He’s got huge sharp…he can leap about!


I say to people like that,

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He is quick but not powerful, he has trouble running at high intensity for long periods. He conserves energy and tries to use his read on the game to impact.


Just a mumble on Trade Radio, but Barrett 15 minutes or so ago was running through our uncontracted players and indicated he understood that Long has a contract.


That’s news to me.


It seemed like new news, but not exciting enough to talk about at too much length with Wallace pointing out that Long is getting a lot of years for not a lot of games.


Cal Twomey said pretty much the same thing.

I was very surprised when he got a contract last year. Fair to say another one would be even more baffling.


Yep, Jimmy Bartell and Cal Twomey said they’d be surprised if he was delisted, and that he’ll be retained next year.


Maybe he got 2 years last year?

Outside runners is one of our lists shallowest spots. Its Zaka, Colyer and Long. They might choose to retain him as we need depth in this area.


He certainly looked a lot better than Colyer this year. I found it odd that Long didn’t keep his place in the side in front of Trav.


Could you add Gleeson, McGrath and Saad to that lot, do you reckon ?


Surely not? Delist.


I refuse to believe they would give him another contract, easily the most obvious delisting since Jackson Merrett

If he survives and Bags doesn’t i will be pretty annoyed