#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


Seems odd. So best case scenario he can play second week of finals if we make it?


I think he’ll also get a small pay bonus for spending a few weeks on the senior list, regardless of if he plays or not.


There’s no way he’s coming into a semi final after 3 weeks on the pine and no senior footy this year, if by some miracle we make it that far.
Token gesture for a kid who’s about to get chopped.


are you people nuts? He’s literally light years off our best 22. if we played him in a final after a year of garbage, well I’d completely lose any faith in any of the coaching staff


3rd week.

But they had an open spot and had to decide now. Highly unlikely he’d get a game, but they had to choose between Long and Draper.


My assessment on his chances of being retained just went up by 10% on the back of this, but moreso due to what Kerr had to say about him in the article.


To be fair, he has always been a 4 year burn player. He missed most of his last 2 years of junior footy. I saw him at the u/16 carnival years back and he carved them up, at that point he was a top 20 pick. He is touch and go for next year, but I wouldnt be shocked if they still consider him worth persisting with.


Why are people nuts? I don’t think anyone is suggesting he’ll play. It just seems a strange decision and as BSD said it probably shows a bit better chance of being retained than most of us think.
Fwiw, I’ve been expecting for months that he’d be delisted. This maybe indicates there is a slight hope for him


We have to keep him. Can’t think of anything much worse than watching him star for Horethorn/anyone else in 5 years time!!!


I don’t rate Long in the slightest, but if you’d rather have play Ben Howlett fill in for Green/Raz’s spots then you can line up.

Horses for courses and all that, he’s average, but he’s an average quick forward pocket, and we currently have 2 of the other 5 out.


Agree. JFTR, that 10% increase was on top of this from a few days back …

And as Kerr mentioned he did very well against Footscray.

I remember commenting on the back of the DJR call, that he was getting plenty of it, & it seemed he was doing all you’d want from him bar finishing, … and if they see the same thing, then they may well think 1 more year sees him improve that facet, and then with that sorted, being ready to make the jump to senior level.


He actually has good disposal when he doesn’t rush it.


I usually get to 1 VFL game a year and rarely watch any footage so I’m no judge.
As I said earlier, I expect him to get delisted, but simply on type, I wouldn’t be against him getting another year if they see him improving more


Yeah I reckon that’s it. I assume we are under the minimum salary cap spend. Probably due to some of the experienced players (Stanton, Hocking, Howlwtt etc) not playing many senior games this year.

So yeah a few extra $$$ in the bank account for Jake.


I hope so.
He has the talent. I thought he has showed far more promise in his limited AFL matches than he has most of his VFL career.

I thought he would end up being our Dempsey replacement. Has the poise, pace, agility, time, height a disposal to do it.


If we have the space and it doesn’t compromise too much, I’d give him one more year. With a solid year of VFL watching, I’d roll the dice for one more year.


With Stanton, Watson, Kelly and likely at least some of Jerrett, Hocking and Howlett on the way out, and our lack of depth of running players, I think he is a chance to stay.

If players like Morgan show promise as a mid through the VFL finals that could play out badly for him.

Very poor timing with the suspension unless we can get to a VFL Prelim and maybe a GF and he does well.

I would be doing some intensive skills training if I was him and be hoping for some VFL finals.


I see the elevation as, essendon expecting to reach the prelim stage, and if injury to tippa/ fanta/bbb then he may be required


I’m surprised they didn’t play him against GC.


I’m not.
He’s not that good.