#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


I would like to see him used as a defensive small forward.

He and Green should be playing for the same role.


Hasn’t done near enough to justify being upgraded. Can he be delisted and be picked up as a rookie again? That is about his only chance. Borderline at best, but l would love to see him succeed, needs to do something significant and soon.


seriously is nowhere near it. plays like kommer without the grit.


Obviously none of you saw that pass to Daniher


Obviously none of you have seen the VFL.


much rather use the pick for Alex Boyse from the VFL team


That way I can shout “come on boyse”, and all the dudes in the crowd will look at me like “what, what are we doing”. Will be awesome.


Yep, interesting to see how many VFL experts there are.


Seriously I would love him to be upgraded for the romance of continuing the long name at the club. But he just hasnt done enough to deserve it. He went backwards this year big time.

Would much rather bring in Hind, Boyse or Peters. Would love all 3 if we could get them.


I really like him.


Me too.


how dare you disparage the sacred name of Kommer!!!


A sublime pass to a forward is something to build on, it doesn’t make a career.




“Boyse! Boyse! Boyse!”
“Oi Oi Oi!”

“Yeah righteo…”


He looks like he should be better than he is.

I don’t get why he is not a more damaging player.


It will be a sad day for 3 reasons if he is to be delisted.

Sad for him
Sad for his family
And the other reason.


Hes tried to do too much ever since he got here, run past 3-4 opponents, baulk one or 2 and then drill an impossible kick down someones throat. has had years to simplify his game and hasn’t.


It’s actually the interesting reverse quandary to a lot of the bottom end of the list.

The other guys like Jerrett, Morgan just don’t do enough.


That’s the decision that needs to be made. Do we go to this draft with 4 picks and must take another one in the PSD.

Or hold on to a Morgan, Merrett & Long an extra 12 months. Give them 1 last chance, as they are a better option than a speculative pick 78 (who will get a 2 year contract, and be raw as f*ck), and hit the 2018 draft with 6 picks instead.