#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


That’s what I’d be doing, next years bats way deeper


After Sheed’s expressed his disappointment during the best and fairest, about the club has fallen behind in bringing indigenous talent to the club, after being leaders for 25 years in this space.

Hopefully we see some kids from remote areas given a chance this draft.


Lets be honest. On form alone he hasnt done wnough to be drafted.

However, i think he is one of those players that will perform better with better players around him.

I hope we give him a 1 year deal. He is a better option than pick 88 or whatever the alternative is




I watch other teams delist players like Lennon & Hartung, yet we want to keep these guys because?


Yeah, if Long is to be delisted (and this is by no means a reason to retain him if the club feels he is not up to) then we will have the lowest amount of indigenous players on our list since his dad was drafted. The lowest in the AFL.

Yes, there is not a “quota” but at the very least there is a representation figure that the AFL is proud of that we are lagging sorely behind.

Micheal Long once said that Kevin Sheedy did more for reconciliation in Australia than anyone,

Aside from his flags indigenous engagement was Sheedys greatest legacy.

Today, and for a while now, we have talked the talk regarding our engagement of indigenous Australia, our support of the Tiwi Bombers and Wadeye, but it feels more like it’s a charitable venture now.

Now people may suggest that deliberately going out to draft an indigenous player is tokanism, and sure it is in some way. But at least with adding a player to our list we have a greater chance of return on our investment into indigenous culture.

This really hits home when you visit the top end and meet a kid called Matthew Lloyd and he barracks for Port.

Jack Munkara, Kevin Portamini and Hector Tipungwuti are all kids that could have been addded to our academy and all hand strong impacts in NTFL senior footy as juniors the season gone and could as far as I know be added, but the only word I have seen out of the club about the Tiwi, and West Arnhem is how they were part of our AFLW strategy. These are just the free hit kids I’m talking about.

I completely understand Sheeds comments and he has every right to air them and I’m glad he did.


We all live for another lovett just absolutely vivisecting carlton, but sometimes a kid is not up to it, no matter how important their family was to our past.


Well @benfti, we have visiting the family in Yolngu land for a few years now and I am yet to meet anyone who does not follow the Bombers.

No doubt in the Territory there are places where Port have followers, due to donations of jumpers and boots for the local mostly but not that many.

I hope Jake Long stays, but I am not sure who he would replace in our best team. Those rare displays of talent show he has the goods but they have been too rare.


That comment was really independent of Jake Long specifically more about what him leaving could represent.

Ports had a strong following north the last 7-8 years given how many Darwin boys have played there. They had 9 indigenous players on their list this year.


The last Eskimo?


Do you think there would be any issues if Essendon drafted these kids and turned them over fast. Eg getting them down for a season as a cat B under the program and making a quick assessment then rolling in a new ones a year later if none work out, keeping the ones who are suited to AFL life on and off the field?

The impression I get is that if we brought them in and there were homesick or family issues the club would have a longer term responsibility and may have to keep them on the list for want of a better word welfare reasons clogging up the spots.

I think a slow considered development of the academy to produce quality AFL players is an approach the club should be taking.


I would like to be a fan. I thought he showed something in his few senior games at the end of ‘16, then dropped back down to play the VFL finals and the progress seemed to unwind itself. Only saw a few of his VFL games this year, but it seemed to be the same story. Elevation is uncalled for based on my admittedly limited exposure, however I’m not averse to the idea of giving him more time on the rookie list if it can be done.


OIf indigenous representation ever becomes a reason for keeping a player on a list, I will stop following footy. Fact is more and more indigenous players want to return home. I am not having a go at them, Melbourne is simply not where their families are. Just like all the Vanillas every year that return home to Vic.

For this club to become great again, we MUST pick the best players, skin color should not come into it. I want to win. I’m personally sick of losing.

It was only 2 years ago that we had several indigenous players on our list. Not the clubs fault they didn’t cut it!

Perhaps the AFL should create a new indigenous players lCat B rookies type system, that way every club would boost their numbers


If we do not make an effort to determine how to get the most from our Tiwi Academy… we are idiots.

Step 1 : Work out who the most likely kid is and give him a go.


The rookie list was exactly for this. Not for f*cken Shaun McKernan.

There’s a rookie B list now, which we have access to indigenous talent without taking a spot off some local white kid who is less resource demanding. Yet we didn’t utilise it.
We have countless people on this forum and even draft experts (sorry Cal!) that said that Tippa isn’t up to being an AFL player. IMO I don’t think he would have gotten the opportunity if the supporters weren’t getting behind him.

We’re happy to throw big resources and welfare programs at Jake Stringer, but when it comes to a kid from remote Australia who has plenty of talent. No way.

The reason we had a tight group of indigenous players 5-10 years ago was because Kevin Sheedy gave them a place and the supported them to feel at home. Having a number of indigenous players, with strong leadership (ie. Lovett-Murray) was the reason they all felt connected and seen each other as family. You don’t get that with 2 indigenous players on your list. I’m guessing the reason Ryder went to Port is to get that sense of family at a football club.




If we give these young indigenous kids an opportunity now and put time into them then the club will reap the rewards later.
We have facilities in Darwin purpose built for this and the new extension at Tullamarine I believe will have a cultural center also.

The AFL is pouring millions of dollars into developing the game in QLD and Sydney so I cant see why we wouldn’t spend our resources on a part of Australia that actually is passionate about the game.


In a Long thread, and talking about vivisecting Carlton and you use Lovett as the hope? :slight_smile:




carves it up preseason, gets named fwd pocket rd1, walla and JAKE kick 13 between them
rd 1 vs crows becomes a fixture, the long walk etc