#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!



and Jake is 21


19, played a senior season at West Torrens then came to us


Glad to have Longy here for another year. Certainly shows glimpses of brilliance- hope he can keep improving & become the great player we all hope he can be.


No, he was 19. He had a season in Adelaide with West Torrens in 1988 and was pretty well straight into our side in '89.


All Australian in 1988 before he arrived at efc.


yeah i got that wrong as well, thought he was 22. He was born 69 and joined us in 89 (I thought it was 91 for some reason).

He played 24 games in 89. Average disp of 18.3.

Just saw that his first number was 4? I assumed he was always 13.


and won their B&F


A surprise (to me), but good luck to Jake!


He has the raw skills in all the right areas to be successful at AFL level. It just needs to come together for him. All along with Jake I’ve said I’ve based his projections on what I saw of him as a kid at state u16 level (he pretty much missed all his u18 seasons due to school/injury) where he was easily in the best 15 players in the country.

Factoring in that this will be his fourth year but he missed 2 years of junior footy it’s realistic to gauge his development of that of a second year player at this point. So if you were to say that he has played 3 senior games in his first 2 years then this 3rd year seems about right.

Jake just needs to improve on poise really, to know when to go and when not, last year he was told to play on as much as he could. I’m sure this year he will now look at the balance of that. He is quick, he has elite lateral movement and is well into the top half of our list with disposal by foot. Plus he goes hard at the ball.

I still hold confidence that we will see at senior level what I saw back at those u16 champs.

He is still one of the youngest ever kids to debut at senior level in the NTFL for St Mary’s. when you consider some of the great names that have come from that club that has to count for something.

If we had picked him up as a 20 year old which a lot of clubs are now doing with top end talent no one would be perplexed by this signing


Appreciate it


I liked the glimpses we saw in 2016 against GC and fc.

Feel that he’ll player better on bigger grounds with better players around him where the play overall is a bit cleaner.

That said I’m surprised he’s been upgraded. He’s going to struggle to push his way in unless he dramatically improves his output at VFL level.


hmm, interesting how this applies to jake and not lav.


I think Antrobus had 13 when Longy arrived.

Antrobus had been 2 but swapped over when Daisy left (the first time).


Was definitely biting off a bit too much on some plays this year.

He is the type of player that makes you go, “Wow… Great… really good… oh ■■■■” all in the one piece of play.


What’s his tank like? Would love him to blossom into brad Hill type


Lav didn’t miss his 17 and 18 year old junior seasons


Go on?
Injuries limited him to playing about 50 games between 96 and 2001, not sure that’s much of a late peak?

I’ve said this before but its worth repeating: he won a SANFL B&F and named all-Australian at 18, as well as 2 x NTFL flags, then came to Melbourne, won the VFL best first year player at 19, played every game bar 1 in a prelim side, having the 5th most possessions, kicked 4 in one of the finals, 3rd most Brownlow votes for Ess that year.

That’s an outstanding resume before you hit 20.


4 was Norm MacDonalds from way back when right?


Fingers crossed he makes it.


The more I think about the Long upgrade the more I see logic:

  • He’s got a 1 year deal so it makes little difference if that’s rookie or main list given the rule changes for cat A rookies.
  • Upgrading to the main list means we can downgrade next year if we see he is a slow developer.
  • He’s on a 1 year contract which means if we want flexibility with downgrading or delisting next year we have it.
  • A 30/60 chance new < 23 year old recruit will get a 2 year deal. This means we potentially need to get rid of someone else to accommodate the super draft next year.
  • He’s wiry and will take a bit longer but is quick

No doubt circumstances and the Long name have worked in his favour though.