#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


He had plenty of time to get rid of it, took 2-3 steps yeah?
From memory Hep was in something of a pack himself in the right back pocket and handballed to Long inboard who had 5m of space before some other Pies.
Was there actually better options Hep missed?


I saw enough to think he has to play out the remainder of this season. Some really nice handballs through traffic to release players… good vision on the spread and seemed to work hard defensively.

The costly HTB decisions weren’t a highlight but they will improve the longer he players at this level and gets used to the speed.

Is the prime example of the kind of player that should be in the best 22 when the season is effectively ‘over’. Find out what we have before making a decision on the contract.


Jake’s immortal??


“Jake has shown more in his career so far than Jobe Watson did at the same age.”

Jobe always had a great handball and vision, there’s two weapons that he had that set him apart in his early days. He went too another level when he built up his fitness and started kicking.
I can’t really see anything that makes jake stand out.


Jobe was our best midfielder bar hird when he was 22. He achieved heaps more than long at the same age.




What young player doesn’t make the odd mistake having to rise to AFL level intensity. Fark our senior players also do it plenty even with 100 games behind them still.

But if you look at everything else he did it around that was pretty good game IMO




Thought the spin and give was pretty classy.
Read the play and linked up well.
In close,under AFL heat,yep was found wanting.

But only more of that will allow him to adjust.

A Long shot to stay on the list,but gets another couple just to be sure we dont unearth something weve only seen flickers of. Theres something there,just not sure he wants it enough.


Might even go past Fletch’s record if he can manage to stay on the list that long.


Most times suspended for tripping? Hasn’t shown much inclination for that.


Love the negativity here… not.

Play the kids. That’s what we should have done after the Carlton Match.

Harsh to delist if we don’t give him games in a season where we won’t make finals.

  • Think back to post-season 2017. Most supporters expected Jerrett and Long to be delisted.
  • Morgan leaving probably saved one.
  • Another was saved by the list decision that we weren’t interested in using pick 80+…considering it is a two year commitment.
  • When Jerrett and Long have been picked for senior footy in 2018, they haven’t held their spots.

In summary, the coaches’ view is clear, they’re both gone. Don’t let your hopes rebuild after this.


There were signs to keep playing him, but maybe too many indicators to move him on, all in the one game.


Go back and have 35 touches and 2 goals please.


Long will probably still play if Fantasia is a late out again.


He can’t do that because he’s not named in the VFL


Nice knowing ya


Thought he showed a bit last week. Hopefully he gets another game or two by season’s end to see which way he’ll go.

No brainer to drop him if Fanta and Parish are fit though.


Harsh to drop him and leave in Colyer and Baguley