#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


That was unbelievable.

If your looking for small things to see if a player ‘has it’. It’s moments like that play. Just pure class.


His axing is symbolic of the problem with this club. Season over and we drip him. Should have been told he has 3 weeks to prove he deserves a new contract. Instead he comes in takes risks some came off some didnt and he is immediately dropped. In the meantime blokes like colyer gifted games. Infuriating


Very stiff to be dropped ahead of Colyer.


Why? Players get delisted all the time without having got senior games.


Bit stiff not playing again.


Hold onto that thought. Word is he’s flying up as an emergency and Myers is no certainty to play.


Did more than Colyer, but was only brought in at the last minute.


(a) They always fly an emergency for interstate games and it’s obvious he’ll be the one seeing as he’s not picked in VFL
(b) surely it’s more likely Fanta that is in doubt seeing as that’s who he replaced in the first place.

To be honest though, I’ll be curious to watch the VFL tomorrow . Wouldn’t be surprising if they fly 2 emergencies up, because they fly one up when no-one is under a cloud and this time there are 2.


Fingers and eyes crossed for Francis.


Hoping he will get a game as possibly a late planned ‘emergency’ but absolutely sums up the entire problem with coaching team, selection and club.

Season is done, another wasted year after so many wasted years and yet we would prefer to see an under-done and out of form older player like Colyer run around instead of using the opportunity to see what a guy like Long offers having a chance to actual prepare for an AFL game and settle ‘at the level’.

Diabolically bad management.


I agree with you on most things. And this point is spot on.


I haven’t been a fan, but I thought he put in a solid first game back performance. I can only assume they’ve made a decision on him, and his selection last week was due to him being the only viable selection as a pressure forward.

We can still reap some benefit from this season by getting a look at some fringe players and getting games into promising prospects. Really we’ve been at this point since R8 when we were 2-6 and coming off a loss to winless Carlton.


If it is indeed a planned emergency, how does it sum up the problem with the coaching team? They planned for him to play?


He’s a glass 99% empty kinda guy.


IN: Long - late change


In: Long. :grinning:


Make it really count Longy…


Excellent, hopefully he plays well enough to be named again next week