#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!




Turn it on, Longy.
You’ve got it in you somewhere.



Just really frustrating when instead of giving the kids a run in a season thats over vs playing back ups & rookies that are there to fill gaps when regular 22 players are out injured.

And consequence will be Dodo won’t figure out if they’re up to it and will keep clogging the friggin main & rookie lists up. Yeah love that part of footy


He won’t have to play that well to beat a number of our players who are rubbish atm. Come on Jake.


Jake kicks his first goal for the Dons!!! Keep going, Jake.


Show’em how to do it Jake.


I thought Long was quicker than what I saw tonight. He gets into space well but seems to struggle defensively.


Still don’t see it with this guy.


He isn’t quick but is miles off it anyway and would be long odds to be on the main list next year.


Was better last week


He’s no McNeice. Don’t think he offers any less than Colyer


Between him, Colyer and McNiece…YIKES




Would give him a couple more games, at Colyer’s expense


Better than colyer and mcneice, hopefully holds spot.


Exactly. There’s 3 guys who shouldn’t be near the best 22 at the moment. Scary part is there are no fit guys to replace them. I’d bring Green in.


I’d have him ahead of Colyer & McNeice, although that’s not saying all that much. Loved seeing him kick that goal.


Keep playing Jake and see what happens.


Are you trolling the blitz?


A better game from him and kicked a nice goal when we needed it.

I just think he is always going to be one of those players that should be better than what he is.

Jack of all trades, master of none type player.