#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


Should have stayed on the bus and not damaged what little reputation he had.Delist.


I hope yoi don’t have a say at selection. Green should not be getting a recall.


Certainly not our worst tonight.


Green was nothing special today in the VFL. Defensive game needs improvement.


He was ok in the first half. But I seriously remembered that he was playing just now.

73% game time - wasn’t just not getting it, barely saw him in the second half.


If we need another member of the team blazing away, trying to snap a goal from 45 metres in traffic, Green is your man.


Inclined to agree with the boot here.

He’s not awful…just a bit pedestrian.


Just needs more experience lacks confidence, he just needs that game to transform him into the player he can be


The question is who is the worst player on the list


I think the only thing I have seen which I have thought was above standard was his quick hands in close and tackling. Not really the body shape, but I think if he is going to make it, he needs to get to stoppages. Not the outside player you would think. I don’t mind him getting caught a bit, I prefer players to hold it until they get an option ala kyle langford.


Thought he was a bit better this week. Actually looked to take the ball forward, kick it, and a bit more decisive. If he’s got a role at AFL level it’s as a good kick off half back/wing. Still not sure he’s got the tank or the positioning but he does have the footskills.


The goal he kicked was an important one, it helped to stem the flow and kept us in the game, just when GC had all the play and momentum going their way.


was refreshing to see him put it through the goal and into teammates hands, after a turgid night.


There were two opportunities he had to have a ping and he centred the ball to a crowded goal face. His kicking is his weapon, needs to back himself a little more. We lose nothing by giving him some more opportunities. It’s a bit of a no brainer for mine.


I don’t think his kicking is that good, actually.
Walla’s field kicking is good. Long’s is…barely passable.


If his last name wasn’t Long all those making excuses for him would be calling for a delisting.


He’s been pretty forgettable so far, but we need to give him a couple more to have a decent look at him.
Still in the delist column for me at present.


I’m unloading him from the cannon as we speak.


Who are you loading in there though?


I wouldn’t.
Couldn’t be bothered quoting myself over the years.
Take your prejudices and shove em where the sun don’t shine.
Or stop acting like a spoilt kiddie and accept there are different opinions in the world