#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


I smell a re-rookie-ing coming for Jake, it wouldn’t be an Essendon off-season without one


Last season we didn’t have a delist and re-rookie.

So we’re probably due


We did elevate McNeice from Cat B to Cat A though, does that count?


Sure we did. McKernan.


McKernan was a couple of seasons ago I thought? I thought he was elevated after 2015, then after 2016 he was demoted back to rookie list?


There’s not really that much of a difference between them, now that you can play rookies without needing to upgrade them.

It’s actually kind of smart because there isn’t really any difference between pick 76 and a rookie pick anyway. So by creating a senior list spot you don’t have to hope the player gets through 2 rounds of the Rookie draft. Only wish we did that with Ronke, instead of hoping nobody took him in the Rookie draft.


No one yet.


Has Jerrett already been shot out?


I just watched the replay and paid particular attention to him.
You guys are harsh. Kicked a nice goal after a ripper tackle. Passed off by hand and foot to set up scoring shots. Although not quick, ran pretty hard for most of the game.
I’m thinking if his name wasn’t Long you wouldn’t be expecting so much.


Agree, he was decent. Blitz expecting the spectacular or delist.


Thought he played pretty well against the Tiges. Some important touches.


Disagree, thought he was deathly quiet for most the game apart from a nice mark early and kick to Stewart and nice mark late down back. I don’t see him getting enough of the ball in the wing and he doesn’t kick enough goals up forward or have an impact, frankly I don’t know what his role is. I’ll honestly be surprised if he gets another year, and only if we need cap space and clear out other names.






I’ve been hoping he’d play the joint down to secure his spot, unfortunately I think he’s in trouble.
Hopefully another club can pick him up.


My expectations are that he needs to be a player who can make the AFL, regardless of name. He can’t, regardless of name and should be delisted.


Has a few tricks but no weapons. I think his time is up.


Hasn’t really ever improved, in his time at the club, nothing significant at least.


He has actually improved heaps from when he came to the club.

However he was miles behind when he got here. I just don’t think he has come along quite enough to where he needs to be to secure another year.

Great lad though.


I think it depends on the trade and draft period. If we can’t find anything better then we should keep him. He can come in and play a role now. He will continue to improve.