#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


He is terrible and our most obvious delisting bar Merrett. Not everyone turns into a senior footballer and he never will be


Yeah he’s a good player and will improve more over the next few years.

But his level isn’t AFL.


I feel like he’s been a bit quieter since going back to the 2s after that period mid season where he played a couple of games and was traveling emergency a couple of times. Makes me wonder whether he’s been asked to do some specific things in the 2s and has struggled to bring all parts of his game together.

Either that or his confidence was hurt playing seniors when not quite ready.

Or something else, or I’m imagining it.

I still reckon he has the tools, but intensity from play to play, and to get involved even when the ball’s not there still needs to go up a couple of levels. Could it click? Possibly. Is it too late? I hope not, but possibly as well.


Still plays good patches where he looks like a superstar, but in between that he is an absolute spectator.


I have re watched the first quarter against collingwood and thought he was good, disposal was running at 100%, hit hit lead up targets and also hit up targets out of defennce including when he went through the corridor.
Hope he has a good final couple of games.
Can see the VFL guys feed him the ball a bit.
He has 2 more games maybe to do something, so he stays on the list.
I’d like to keep him, but understand he faces a mighty challenge to stay on the list now.


Needs to go away and dominate the SANF or WAFL. A new environment and playing system could be exactly what he needs.

He has the tools, just needs to apply himself.

Then force the AFL clubs to give him another shot.


I’d argue he has some of the tools.
The ability to concentrate is a tool in itself. I don’t know if it’s something that’s going to come, if it hasn’t already in 4 years of AFL coaching and development.

Maybe a guy who nobody wanted before the third round of the rookie draft is not actually all that great after all.


He was good at times on the weekend but I just don’t see a senior AFL player in him even after four years in the system.


If you can’t perform consistently in the VFL after 4 years on a list, you aren’t going to make it

Does a few nice things, but goes completely missing for long stretches


Often wondered, is Jake playing because he is a Long and its a tradition? Or, is he playing because he wants to play??? A lot of the time he doesn’t seem to be hungry for the contest. Or has he just got a laconic nature?


Lacks a bit of ticker.


But it’s not that he’s purely soft - when he steels himself for it he goes in damned hard.

But other times he puts in half tackles and skirts packs.

It’s concentration, or something. All mental.


Yep just lacking intensity wise

In today’s game of rabid pressure/tackling you don’t survive if just barely getting out of 2nd gear most of time


played 2 very good games in the last 2 weeks. Doubt he has wasted a possession. His marking under pressure was highlight. Has showed he can hold his own when at senior level.
His best is coming after being a fair bit behind when he came to the AFL system.
Those wanting off the list are going to be disappointed, he will be there next year. Hoping to see him get more game time.


Um, no.
Made a few nice cameos in the last two weeks.
Rest of the time he has been MIA as per usual.


you have your opinion and I have mine. I was impressed with the way he went about it in the last 2 weeks. I see a player there, and I am pretty sure he will be on the list next year.


Definitely a delist. Seems like a good hard working kid, but others are so far ahead of him.


I guess the question we that we need answered is “what role is he being asked to play”, and how is the “missing” bit going for that. Would genuinely like to know if they’re asking him to do something specific like they have with all of the young players for extended periods, and how it is perceived that he’s doing with what’s being asked

(Especially before we accuse anyone of lacking ticker)


Against the pies he was playing on the wing


We need a fair bit more than that, especially given I have my doubts as to whether traditional positions are even a thing inside AFL clubs any more.