#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


I’m just saying some of those guys had issues carrying the surname


That’s a personal problem for them to work out.


Anthony played a couple of astonishingly good quarters , but barely played beyond that.

His best exposed form was far better than anything I’ve seen Jake output. But it’s meaningless because its a ridiculously small sample.


You are either good enough or you aren’t regardless of surname.

But maybe the surname gets players slightly more leeway at times. And also brings more pressure.

But every listed player is going to feel pressure under the microscope that comes being in AFL


Partly, it’s also up to clubs to help them develop coping mechanisms, entering professional football is pressure enough, having the additional expectation of being compared to what is almost always a great of the game is another level again.

It’s actually really interesting how much of a gulf in career success father sons have, take our club, on one hand you have Fletcher, Watson and Joe Daniher, on the other you have, Neagle, Darcy Daniher, Long.

No a lot in the middle there.

It must be hard when your trying to work out if you’re good enough in your own mind to have 50 people a game yelling how you’re not as good as your Dad


I like Ted Jr’s response to that.
‘Who was?’


The club puts plenty of resources behind those who need it.

  1. Too lazy
  2. Too injured
  3. Not enough substance to his game. At least as displayed so far.

You would be hard put to pin their shortcomings, physical limitations, on not coping with their parentage.
Not saying it doesn’t happen, of course it does, but these examples have other things holding/held them back.
I would say if Jake doesn’t cope with being Michael’s son that’s unfortunate, but it’s not responsible for his short comings as a player.

To finish with a common saying - If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.


That’s pretty naive


What is?

First bit - true

Second bit - true

Third bit - true

Fourth bit - common saying.


Pretty much all of what you just said.

In 2018, clubs have a obligation to monitor the mental health of all their players and provide support accordingly.


Righto then.


I personally witnessed Jake whilstling whilst waltzing away from a big 3/4 time speech from Dan Jordan to try and get the boys over the line against the Pies earlier in the yr.

Thats a problem.
Like,who does that lol!


There probably isn’t much middle ground becuase the busts got drafted becuase of the name.

Which probably isn’t the argument benfti wants to hear.


There are plenty of kids with names who don’t get drafted.

The list of eligible father sons who didn’t get drafted whilst still playing footy at state league, TAC level is significant


So what is naive in what I said?


Might need some time in the sauna


I think you’re underestimating the effect that the added pressure of being a father son has on mental state while dismissing clubs obligations to assist with finding a balance.

Aaron Fancis before and after should be the blue print of how you help players cope with external pressures and the benefit on field that hard work from all parties yields.


Tbh the “common saying” is kind of rubbish which we should all recognise given everything that’s gone on. There will be times when even the best can struggle with the weight of expectations, either their own, or external due to their draft number, or their last name. It is critical that the club helps manage that for everyone if we’re going to get the best out of the players available on our list.


100% mental health optimisation should be treated as any other part of the human body, you wouldn’t let a player run out every week with a torn hammy.


Please explain to us if you know what monitoring our club does for our players and staff at the EFC?

Or, do they wait for someone to waltz up to them and say I am mentally unwell today. We as a club, ought to have the best program going around, after what our players and staff went through from the supplements saga.