#34 Jake Long - Like his career, this thread just keeps going!


What’s that got to do with what I wrote?


We have actually been on the front foot in this area in relation to the rest of the league, but the league is behind the 8 ball a long way compared to other professional sports globally. Collingwood works across their recruiting and welfare team.

With that being said 4 the top 5 clubs right now have a full time sports psychologist. List time I checked we didn’t.

That can’t be a coincidence


I’m taking about how players were supported when the Abletts were at Geelong. I was assuming that was who you were talking about?

Geelongs support group probably could have got a few more years out of Nathan than their predecessors


I don’t watch a lot of VFL, but I did watch the last 2 weeks on Tele and have thought Long has looked pretty good and reasonably hard at the contest.
Why 6th best someone asked, and why not hind.
Well he had 9th most effective kicks (hind did have 2 more), (in all the following he was ahead of hind):
=5th most effective handballs, = 2nd most contested marks (admittedly only 2 but only one player had more) and =4th most tackles.
Hind had a couple more handball receives and a few more ineffective kicks.
6th best seems fair.
I’d be ok if they kept him on. I’d be ok if they delisted him.


38 new posts, I was worried he had been delisted.


Nathan didn’t want to play because he had a growing faith and wanted to complete Bible study whilst playing only casually (lower leagues) not with the rigours and pressures of AFL footy and not with the added pressure of being Snr’s son. No amount of “support” would have changed that.

You are putting the blame on the clubs and i am saying that is unfair and that sometimes there are a lot of factors ion why things happen the way they do.

You want black and white when the situation will never fit under that due to a lot of factors.


Just ben and boot mate, I thought the same


There was a certain amout of reboot baiting in that :yum:


One more year I reckon, he has shown enough.

People forget he is only 22. Did he not have several injuries during his junior years and the start of his senior career? I think the club took him as a longer term prospect, so they have to give him a bit more time than they would others.


I’m not saying it’s black and white, I’m saying clubs need to be covered for all eventualities.

I still think the right guidance could have got Nathan more focused on footy.

Localising it back to us for a second, boot mentioned 3 alternate circumstances why 3 kids didn’t go too have moderate success at AFL level.

While all those reasons are certainly true. I can tell you for a fact that 2 of those really struggled with the surname they had at the Essendon football club. Now revionist thinking says that maybe further investment into this specific area may helped made one of them get over that particular hump. In which case it could be a sound investment.

I actually know an interstate club that used an exit interview from a delisted FS as th catalyst to try and get the AFL to abolish the father son rule, and it ended being the catalyst for the player opt in by-law

Go find a ex player in this situation, you will find the common theme that the surname is fine when you’re playing well, but is a compounding factor when you’re stuggling.


Does a sports Psych count as part of the football department soft cap?


It must if the pies include it in their recruiting team

It really shouldn’t though


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Anyone that has seen our goal kicking will tell you, we definitely do not have a sports psychologist.

In the current climate, where a huge part of performance is about mental and psychological application… the fact a club like ours doesn’t have a sport psychologist is unbelievable.


We probably do, just not on full time payroll


Yep I’m sure we do. I remember Katie saying something along those lines a while back.