#34 Jake Long - Rebooted


Michael was never a Long kick, but he was an accurate one.


if there’s ever been a player not to judge by stats - it’s Longy.


Based on his finals series in '93, I thought he was on the cusp of being the best player in the comp, then he did the knee in Feb 94 in a pre-season match v Eagles in Perth. I remember reading about it at the airport as I was flying out on my honeymoon.
What a mood-killer that was!!




of the last 3 to be signed, he’s at least the one who makes the most sense, but even then the question marks around what people are going to expect to happen if they just stick him in the vfl and hope he getss 30 possies a game to somehow “justify” a call up in their eyes.

I said it during the season, Just like tippa he will never seem that handy at VFL because he’ll be an impact player, not a 30 possie a game player.
and if your vfl team is a middle of the road side like ours is, he will never really stand out.

Look how important tippa is now, and you could argue he prolly wouldn’t even be out there if the 12 didn’t get suspended, and by his own words he’d have given up at the end of last year.
Long will be the same, keep him in the vfl and it’s pointless cos you won’t see effect he has on games and the impact.

That being said with stringer smith and saad coming in, i don’t see how he gets a gig, unless alot of injuries happen.


Jake needs to make it happen for himself this year otherwise, he might be out of chances.


No - I asked what was he like in 1989.

I’m guessing a more exciting player has been seen in the red and black since Michael Long in 1989.

Michael Long in 1993 for one.


Wanganeen was more exciting in 1993 for me.


I was always excited by Michael Long.


I disagree.

But either/or, it doesn’t really matter.


Best hair on the list.



Look at them sideburns! he looks like a girl! Now, Zach Merrett! theres a haircut you can set your watch to!


I reckon Jake thinks he has bulked up


So he’s Long.
And he’s strong.

But has he come to get the friction on?


I wanted to put Jake in my best 22 this year, but where is he?

Did he get a season ending slight knock?




Saw him a couple of weeks ago - appears to have a bandage of his calf.


calf bandage

I think your are right on this one.


Long is entering Jerrett levels of down the pecking order and being completely forgotten about


Not quite, he was close to a senior game late last year and he has put on a lot of size in the off season. Once he gets over his niggle he gets a chance to show what he has.