#34 Jake Long - Rebooted


some lovely slick gives in our more impressive chains of play.

easily better than Colyer and a few others

keep him in next week


Anyone that can’t see the kid Has played a decent game and done his job, Is blinded by hatred.

The kid has played a handful of games, and people are tearing him down. Give me a break. Absolute disgrace and tall poppy syndrome.


Not up to AFL standard. Too light. Not quick. No ability to hit the score board. Needs to be more than a link player.


True, hopefully with a bit more exposure he will learn how to get out of those situations


I hope your saying the same sh*t over in the McNeice thread.


That’s rubbish. I’ve had my doubts about him. Lots of talent, not enough appetite. But can’t complain about today. Did his bit and showed something. Take the blinkers off.


Yeah, but…Laverde’s a player.


He’s half a step too slow for AFL with his decision making. Thought he applied himself well however, but he got caught holding the ball 3-4 times today when he dithered on the ball and didn’t give the first option.


McNiece is just as useless.


Would select Long before Colyer this week if Fantasia is fit.


He’s played no AFL football for 2 years, and people expect that he instantly adjusts to the pace of the game.


I can’t say I’ve seen enough to definitively make that call.


Kept Josh Thomas to 11 disposals. I’m not his biggest fan by any stretch but he did his job as a negating player.


People expect him to be his Dad.


I think people have a chip on their shoulder about the opportunities afforded to Father-Son players.


Some people might, not all do.


We shouldn’t be discussing Colyer at all imo, Long, Mutch, Clarke should be the guys that we try and see over the last six weeks. Long is playing for his career, I’m 80% sure he won’t make it but he did show signs today - I think Trav is done and we can’t afford to keep carrying him (and Myers) on account of their one good game in every four and great clubman status.


Good Grief indeed. Finals are all but shot, give him more runs


He was average last week in the VFL. Same problem. Too slow. Too light. No weapon.


He was ok last week. Wasn’t his best game. But a lot of players were off because of the weather conditions.
The week before he had a blinder. Probably best on the ground in the first half.