#34 Jake Long - Rebooted


I thought he was OK bar those two HTB’s.


Did some good things and linked up well with some nice handballs.

Took the game on in some dangerous parts of the ground and found wanting though, could have been also from lack of options to dispose too.

Was unlucky to have that free against him with grundy, should have been no prior.

If Raz is out next week, id keep him in.


Guelfi looks tanked to me. Needs a rest. (Cue the stock-standard “he yung and shud play every game 4 eva”)


Did enough to get another game.


He’s shown nothing in AFL to suggest he is.


Guelfi was good. One of the few in our backline that can beat his man one on one.


Not good enough. We’ve seen enough.

One of those guys whose ceiling is the VFL. Nothing wrong with that, not everyone can be an AFL player. Just not able to read the pace of senior footy. And doesnt have enough strings to his bow to make a contribution up forward.

It rose coloured glasses if you think he played well today.


I don’t think he was shocking, just think his run’s dropped off.


heppell missing 4 easy ■■■■■■■ targets in the 2nd and 3rd quarters did more to cost us it. delist him too?


how many from protect the kids david? and captain courages hobo heppell?

i’ve been calling for long to be delisted for ages but far from worthy of being dropped today.


You’d think by now he’d have got a bit more strength, particuarly in the core.

If he could stick tackles, and compete in congestion a bit more, he’d be much better equipped for AFL.

But he isn’t.


people calling for him to be delisted/dropped acting like we’re a top 8 team and he lost us a top 4 spot.

we’re ■■■■■■■ 12th.


Yep. Thought it last week. Think he’s a player but he’s trailed off.


@benfti, any player who comes in, plays in a close game and makes some of the bad decisions Long did is going to be crucified regardless of what the other 90% of their game was like. That’s Blitz. Stop implying there is a bias against Long.

The reason he’s rated differently to other youngsters is that he’s had three years on the list, struggled to get senior games, must have survived last year being cut by a hairs breadth and is at risk.

Laverde is getting plenty of criticism on Blitz nowadays, but there is no comparison between the impact he’s had at VFL level compared to Long. Which is why he has more runs on the board.


From where I was sitting he didn’t add much to the side today. There were a few times when he didn’t mess up, but a few where he did, and he did nothing to make me think “keep him in!”.
Don’t care if he gets another go or not, but not expecting magic.
@benfti , not expecting his old man, but thinking that’s the only reason he’s been looked at. Plenty of kids just as good without a famous surname.


Nice selective quote to make a point I already made.
Well done you.


Yeah sure.


I though he was ok early and seemed to find the right spots. His disposal is very nice at AFL level when he takes it. But he needs to learn he Can’t burn people off as easily at AFL level and to take first option for a while till he gets comfortable.

I was very surprised he got pushed off the footy easily a couple of times, thought he would have the strength by now. Might have just been those contests though.

He was far from our worst and has some nice passages to work with. I’d be giving him another two to three weeks to see how he grows.


He played better than colyer an I would rather try him instead. Has better skills. For a big game he was alright in link up play. Made poor decisions to but first game of year you would expect it


Thought he was okay, did some nice things. If Raz is out next week he stays in. Long term I think there are too many ahead of him, but if we let him go I wouldn’t mind betting he’d get a gig at another AFL club.