#34 Jake Long - Rebooted


Partly true. Obviously who he is has something to do with it. I questioned a few of the players retained and was told that because of where we were picking in the draft, they felt that the players we retained on one year deals were better placed than what would be available at those picks. That’s their call. I don’t necessarily agree given the success of Guelfi in particular but I think/hope we will see some change in that for the upcoming draft.


Will not make it. Hate saying it.
Poor, poor awareness of what’s around him.


But Jerrett is in the same boat, and Blitz is way harder on him (us a bit older). It’s not like the questions on Long are coming from nowhere. He does have less runs on the board.


A lot were saying that about Langford.

Long needs a more defined role in my opinion and an opportunity to settle into the side.


Long was picked up as a rookie, a project player who was very light.

Has has nearly 3 years on the list, and appears quite often in the bests in the VFL. Would think there are a few on the list that we could say goodbye to before him.

Not a star yet, may never be one. Would like to see him get the rest of the season to see if he is worth more time on the list.


who are these Nuffies calling for Jake to be delisted.

I Cant imagine jerret doing a better job.

Green could have been an option if we thought fantasia under pump but meh.

He did an ok job to come in late under the circumstances.

And he showed a bit of potential for the future imo.


Agreed. Jerrett is in exactly the same boat. Four no brainer delisted are Long, Jerrett, Leuenberger & McNeice. Others on expiring contracts include Baguley, Goddard, McKernan, Langford, Laverde, Dea, Brown, Green & Stewart (at this stage). The robust discussion I had in another thread a few days ago was that we need to make some hard calls on a few of those players. Will we do it?


For such an important game, was it really a good idea bringing in a guy who hasn’t played a senior game since 2016?

Wasn’t our worst today, but I didn’t see anything that tells me it’s worth persevering with.


Played way better than i thought he would.

Got enough of it and used it well enough to persist with for a few weeks.

The main concern is strength in the contest, not sure how long you give him to fix that, if it can even be fixed.


His stuff ups are too costly. He’s like a Sidebottom in terms of slow but doesn’t have the awareness or skill.


Most of his clangers are from frees against. As much as ben reckons he’s “tough”, it’s the old Tom Hislop style of “tough” - gets lead to the ball a lot, and runs into someone.

I think if he had a real step of pace, or a real tank, or real smarts, he might make it - he’s got a couple of tools. I just don’t think he’s got enough.


Thought he was decent. A few time he bit off more than he could chew, but he took the game on.

Looks like a midfielder though, looked a bit lost up forward.

Won a really good 50/50 contest when it looked like pies were going to breakaway.

He stays in for the next month. See if he has got what it takes once and for all


He was ok. Hasn’t played football at this level for 2 years, a serious pressure cooker game what do people expect?


I don’t either, but he wasn’t our worst today. Did enough to deserve another look. We need to have a look, and make a decision before the delisting season begins.


I’m afraid I thought he was very poor. The ball came to him a few times but he did little with it. He was twice caught in possession due to indecision, which has been a problem for him since the beginning. Did two good things, one of which ended in a goal.

Should not have been in the team and should never be again. Sorry to be harsh but that’s how it is.


Pretty much
He was better than I expected… but that’s not saying much.


You’d think after the Way Francis was treated last year, that people would have learned a few lessons.

Nup. Rinse and repeat.
Typical supporter vitiol for a guy that’s played under 10 games.


Not only is he stepping up from VFL he is stepping up against a very quick and good defensive team. He would need 3 or 4 AFL games before we would know if he is worth keeping, but he may not get that as there are few younger mids who deserve a chance too.


Thanks for that Michael.


I haven’t looked at stats, but I was at the ground and thought he had a poor game. There were one or two moments I thought were redeeming, but overall, I wasn’t happy with how he played. However - he is still raw at this level, and I hope he is given another 2 or 3 games to settle in, be guided and encouraged along the way, and is given every chance possible to prove his worth in the 1’s.