#34 Jake Long - Rebooted


Decent game, far from the worst. 2 bad moments caught unaware. One can happen to anyone. The second one was stiff to be called I reckon. Did quite a lot of good things, actually looked more influential than The little I’ve seen in the vfl.

One moment early in game where he could have run to pressure a player collecting the ball and didn’t. But may have busted a valve on a prev run. I saw that happen to Mcgrath a couple times too.


F the stats. Gave away 3 goals. What did we lose by? Begone Jake.


I apologise for the harsh comments I made earlier. Reflecting back on the game he wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Let’s see him get a few games together and see if he can just to the tempo.


But for those two moments he was fine. Surprised at the amount of attention he’s gotten


Both times he looked up and swear to god there was not a single Essendon player ahead of him on the field … This is at HB

And we still give away uncontested marks

Also defence of a kick from pocket to top of square needs to be looked at we give away so many like this


Id give him 2~3 more games

His biggest issue was lack of awareness, which can just be needing time to adjust


Blitz has a tendency of attacking the easy target. For a guy who hasn’t played at this level for 2 years, he continually ran to the right spots and used the ball pretty well. Didn’t like a couple of his risky short passes and despite the lack of options, getting caught htb late in the game was a really bad moment. Overall, should keep his spot. More experienced player like Colyer and Myers deserve to be in the gun more so than Longy.


Agree he had a pretty good game, also agree with the poster above who said it was simply lack of awareness at afl level that let him down.


Pleasantly surprised


Jake is not good enough but wasn’t terrible. Did a couple of good things

I wouldn’t have selected him but I wouldn’t have kept him on the list for the past 20 years either


Spot on, I feel like he is being graded incredibly unfairly by some here.

8th in possessions, 4th in tackles, 3rd in disposal efficacy and 4th in score involvements is a pretty decent output for a guy who hasn’t sniffed the level since the top up year.


Not up to it, I reckon about a dozen clubs would’ve moved him on by now.
Seems to slow to react with ball in hand and can’t keep up with the pace of AFL footy.
Absolutely killed us in the last qtr with his slow reaction to decision making,


The much maligned Jake Long


Imagine he gets 5 weeks to get up to speed…showed enough


Geez you’re pretty harsh on the boy, he only played his second game in what 2 years? I was actually really pleased with his game today, showed plenty and played a lot better than a couple of senior players.


Mate it’s a cut throat industry. I think there’s a reason why his only played a few games in 2 years.
His been at the club for what around 5 years? I just think the time is right to move him on.


Some of his early link up play was really good I thought. Was way more involved than I thought he would be. Offers heaps more than jerret or even green in my opinion. Hope he gets another crack at it.


So right now? Make the call? Give him the phone call.

F*cking ridiculous.


He shouldn’t be competing with Green. He’s a winger, not a forward.


The guy’s been ordinary in the VFL for a while now, a few glimpses here or there ain’t enough to make it.