#34 Jake Long - Rebooted


I just don’t get it, yes he’s been on the list for a few years but he isn’t a spud. This kid hasn’t been given an opportunity anywhere near as much as say jerrtett yet, after one game where he actually played well people think he should be delisted.

How about this for an idea, let’s play the kids for the rest of the year and then make a call. We haven’t done any where near enough in so far as developing enough kids for the last few years. We’ve tried a few this year but now it’s time to plsy Long for the rest of the year, give him an extended run and then see how he goes. You never know he might actually show something. I believe he is a natural winger and would love to see him play out the year.


This is his 4th season, same amount of time as Laverde and Langford, came in in their draft year.


Fark me, the reason we lost is the bloke who was brought in at the last minute.

Not any of the senior blokes who yet again let a team kick away because we were still asleep in the first quarter, or don’t have the ability to ice games from behind.

It is an improvement from ANZAC day, but FFS.


That’s not really true. Had a number of high possession very good games in the VFL this year.

But not shown a fraction of the dominance they have at VFL level.


Plays every game from here on- the fairytale evolves or ends this year.


Let’s compare Jake to say a Redman who had shown absolutely nothing at AFL level until this year…
Redman came in and was aggressive and unrelenting and we were disappointed when he went down with injury.

What about Clarke - showed absolutely nothing in the AFL but wasn’t given a solid run.

Ridley - showed heaps, went down.

Jake Long showed more than Clarke today, less than Redman and Ridley who play easier roles in the backline…




I never said he did, I was just pointing out how many years he has been around.

He has always been on a much longer development curve given how much of his last 2 years of junior footy he missed.

The club has always seen now as when they were hoping he’d be pushing for senior selection.


I’d compare him in development to Courtney Dempsey.

The same build, the same height.
Dempsey had much better speed. Jake has much better disposal and clean hands.

It took Dempsey years to get a feel for it, especially with all his injuries.


Rank these players: Colyer, Jerrett, Long, Hind.


What is he being judged on? His game today, or his tenure at the club? He’s been disappointing over the journey, but he doesn’t deserve the sht he’s copping today. Not perfect, but a lot of positives today.


Thought he had a really good first half. Faded a bit un the second.

Amazed to see the crap he is copping here.

Yes he got caught a couple of times but the positived far outweighed the negatives.

Far from our worst and I’d have him as one of our better players.

Will only improve at afl level if given time. When he got caught it was easy to see he hasn’t quite adjusted to afl.speed which isn’t unexpected.

Definitely gets a game.next week for me


A couple of glaring mistakes but showed some promising signs as well. Liked seeing him go back with the flight when he had to.

Personally I don’t think he’ll make it at senior level, however I’d definitely play him ahead of Colyer next week (if we’re choosing between the two).


Yes he was caught out a few times by the pace of the game but he was able to get his own ball and do some good things with it. You can’t write him off yet - deserves a few games in a row to show his worth. With the risk of sounding like Woosha he would have learned from today.


He’s fkn garbage. Delist


Ok, I will put you down as a maybe


You’re an idiot if you think today’s game proved either of us right.


Scored out of 10 based on what they might produce right now (ignoring age, potential improvement etc) -
Hind 6 - handy player at AFL level, thin but strong, very quick, not a great kick. High possession winner.
Colyer 5 - strong and fast but doesn’t win much ball and prone to fumbles and mistakes. Kicking can be bad to fair. Not a big possession winner.
Long 3 - just not a big ball winner, pace and elusiveness a bit overrated by many, makes mistakes. (Today I thought he was very good to half time, ordinary second half, but better game than almost anything I have seen from his at VFL level)
Jerret 2 - not up to it.


I know I’m a idiot


Let’s be honest, if his name wasn’t Long he wouldn’t be playing VFL.
Train wreck.